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aroma group 01, REGENERATING

01 REGENERATING / is a vibrant blend of floral, wood and spice essential oils, specifically blended with vital actives known for their exceptional and restorative benefits for dry and mature skin types. The 01 group will restore a feeling of harmony, balance and positivity.

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Skincare science / is driven by the never-ending pursuit of clear, glowing, youthful skin. Yet the formula for taking care of our skin has changed very little: stay hydrated, eat healthily and sleep well; cleanse thoroughly, moisturise and protect.

We believe / it is possible to look and feel your absolute best while making sustainable, natural skincare choices. So we use only the finest grade essential oils and the highest quality, pure and naturally dynamic active ingredients, carefully formulated to assist your body’s innate ability to nurture and care for itself.


Pure & natural skincare / blended at therapeutic ratios, Karmameju natural skincare delivers visible results while actively promoting physical and mental wellness, inner radiance and vitality.

Our integrity / is central to everything we do,
so we want you to know exactly what is in our products. That’s why we clearly list, label and define every ingredient in the Karmameju range. All our ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable.

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