A limited edition collaboration with Danish artist and haute couture illustrator Sofie Nordstrøm inspires a joyful new interpretation of some of Karmameju’s most-loved products – our three body oils.

20 beautiful years with Karmameju have gone by. In celebration of this, we’re delighted to share a very special collaboration with you, which illustrates a personal journey in time for Karmameju founder, Mette Skjærbæk.

Illustrator Sofie Nordstrøm has hand-drawn three graceful, beautiful and powerful oil illustrations, that illustrate the three aromatherapeutic ranges that HOPE body 01, MILD body oil 02 and WILD body oil 03 represent.

A journey in time

Every once in a while, I find myself drawn to something. Every once in a while, I stop and feel something that’s bigger than so much else.

That was how I felt some time ago when a beautiful sight caught my eyes. It awakened two elements in me: My love for aesthetics and the memories of the 10 years I spent as a model on the international fashion scene.

My time working in the fashion industry was a long time ago now, but it’s still a central part of who I am, and it has had a huge influence on why my Karmameju brand is as it is today. My modelling days gave me wings and made me brave. They made me vulnerable and confused. It’s like all other important periods in your life – they shape who we become.

As soon as I saw Sofie Nordstrøm’s illustrations, I knew that we should create something together. Something that, for me, connected the past with the present.

So it gives me great pleasure to present to you a limited edition of our delicate and heavenly body oils, HOPE, MILD & WILD.

Interpretation of HOPE body oil 01 / Aromatherapy group 01

HOPE belongs to our decadent, sensuous, positive, feminine and strong 01 range. The 01s are primarily characterised by deep, warm, seductive floral and woody notes. The 01 range is our most luxurious, decadent aromatherapy range, which promotes harmony, positivity and balance in the body and soul. The exquisite blends combine precious, 100% natural notes from Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Patchouli, Magnolia, Rose, Cedarwood, Vetiver, to name but a few.

Sofie has beautifully – and with outstanding precision – captured the essence of the 01 range in her illustration for HOPE body oil. The ultra-feminine, decadent dress, the deep burgundy silk ribbons flowing playfully in the breeze and the woman’s sweet, slightly flirtatious face represent our precious 01 range so perfectly.

Interpretation of MILD body oil 02 / Aromatherapy group 02

MILD is from our 02 range, which can best be described as a soothing, relaxing European herb garden. The 02 range is like a warm, lightweight cashmere blanket embracing your body and soul. The range is wonderful for the times we’re living in, where most of us benefit from a conscious choice to slow things down. In the 02 range, we combine Chamomile, Linden, Lavender, Benzoin and Neroli to form the foundation of many of the fragrances of the 02 range.

The illustration of the mother embracing her baby with her daughter by her side so gracefully depicts the calm, love and integrity that are so important when developing products for the soothing 02 aromatherapy group.

Interpretation WILD body oil 03 / Aromatherapy group 03

The opulent 03 range that WILD is a part of is vivacious, energizing, refreshing, stimulating, wild and liberating. The 03’s are primarily centred around Asian citrus and spice notes. We use dynamic powerhouse ingredients such as Lemon grass, May Chang, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Mint, Eucalyptus and spices such as Cloves and Black pepper.

Here, we inspired Sofie to illustrate the power and strength behind the 03 range, where 10 wild horses can’t stop you! The clothes are both masculine and feminine, the sumptuous fabrics ruffling behind her. Hand on hip, she’s moving forward. She’s smiling sweetly because she enjoys life – and she lives it to the fullest.

The collaboration with Sofie only confirmed what we already knew; that she is incredibly good at interpretation – with the most beautiful strokes and such wonderful observations.

Sofie’s illustrations sum up something infinitely elegant, something vulnerable and something strong. How I see people when we’re at our best – inner joy and diversity.

Our limited edition body oils are a journey through time for me, representing the past, present and future. It is a joyous interpretation of some of our most beloved products – which, “dressed in new clothes”, is given the opportunity to define a beautiful journey in time for both Karmameju as a brand and for me as a person – here in the 20th year of Karmameju’s journey.

All the best /