A gentle touch with a wonderful effect

Can you be anything but happy at the sight of a small baby in a state of total bliss or squealing with delight when being dry brushed with our soft and gentle RENEW face brush? I certainly can’t!

Or just when I brush my own daughter Mila and see the joy and pleasure she gets from dry brushing, foot massage, etc.

A loving ritual

Dry brushing is a really lovely ritual to teach children. It’s both a pleasant and caring way to spend time together, while also developing body awareness and stimulating the nervous system, lymphatic system and circulation. It removes dry patches and minimizes the need for skincare products.

Use RENEW face brush on babies as a dry brush and hair brush. Dry and delicate baby skin benefits from gentle exfoliation as well as stimulation of the scalp to prevent cradle cap. Your baby will love the soft brush on his or her face, scalp and body.

For older children, we recommend the BUFF natural body brush and gentle, rhythmic strokes – always towards the heart. A lot of children soon begin to seek out the dry brush when they get home from school or play dates. The physical stimulation cannot be underestimated, and the psychological effect is an added bonus.

Please always share your stories with us. We really want to hear about your results so we can recommend other techniques, rituals and the like based on your stories.

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