My best tips 

I love the experience and knowledge I have accumulated. I enjoy the sense of peace within myself that comes with age. I appreciate being able to look back at the past, at all the things I’ve experienced – good and bad. I like being all grown up, but it does mean that my skin is getting older, too, and I struggle a bit with that.

There’s a lot we can do to prevent premature signs of ageing, and below are some of my best tips.

Be aware of your facial expressions and musculature

Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable, especially if you’re someone with animated facial expressions. We can learn to “rein in” some of these expressions. You don’t, for example, have to use your forehead all that much to communicate clearly, but never stifle laughter in the battle against wrinkles.

/ Try to be aware of not using the forehead and the area between your eyebrows to express feelings. You might like to try sticking a piece of tape on your forehead so you can feel it every time you frown, etc., as a way of becoming aware of it. We have a lot of muscles in our face and we can control them. Some people use their forehead a lot, others not so much. If we frown every time we talk, over time this will turn into wrinkles, which are hard to get rid of.

/ Go to A.L.T. or Japanese lifting to learn how to relax the face muscles and use the forehead less. I’ve been going to A.L.T. once a month for several years now, and it really helps me to relax my tired screen-eyes, jaw, etc. One of the first times I had the treatment, my therapist Hanne said to me:

“Imagine that I’m placing a big iron plate on your forehead.”

It made such sense, and although I still wrinkle my forehead, it’s nowhere near as much as I did before.

/ The other day, my dentist asked me if I chew on both the right and the left side. She told me how you can chew your way to a crooked face if, for example, you mostly chew on the right, as the muscles on this side will become bigger than those on the left.

/ Don’t squint your eyes when sitting in front of a screen or when you’re in the sun.

/ Get at least seven hours sleep every night for optimal replenishment and relaxation of the skin.

/ Sleep on a silk pillowcase. This is said to minimize the pressure on the skin.

/ I sleep with a Save My Face pillow every night and wouldn’t be without it.

Stimulating skincare & massage

Premature signs of ageing can be seen on skin that is dry or dehydrated. Nourish, soften and hydrate the skin with products that promote circulation and cell renewal, and stimulate connective tissue and skin elasticity.

Cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells

/ Cleanse the skin daily. Cleansing the skin is essential for healthy skin with a beautiful glow. Choose a cleansing product to suit your skin type or condition. Exfoliate and wash your face, neck and chest with our konjac sponge in the shower to deep cleanse the pores and stimulate the skin.

/ Use our PROUD and DEEP masks, ideally as double-masking. The mechanical exfoliation and enzyme exfoliation in PROUD gently polish the skin, while DEEP works in the deeper layers, promoting effective cell renewal and peeling.

Wake up the skin with massage and stimulation

/ Dry brush daily with the RENEW face brushthe mini face lift. Dry brushing relaxes the face, gently exfoliates and boosts circulation to your skin.

/ Massage the skin regularly with face oil – take a good hold and work deeply into the connective tissue and gently massage the surface of the skin.

/ Take a little extra time for a gentle firming massage when applying eye cream. Stimulate and relax the skin and the muscles by rhythmically tapping the skin with your fingertips around the eyes and the brows.

Age-defence skincare

/ Skincare creams, oils and serums with a high content of protective antioxidants, hydration boosting Hyaluronic Acid and effective ingredients that keep the skin active are ideal age-defence skincare. Your face cream is essential protection against external factors that can have a drying effect on the skin or accelerate the skin’s ageing process. Pollution is just one of the main culprits that age our skin.

/ Use UVA and UVB sun protection.

Care and prevention – through food

/ Carefully cleanse the skin from the inside with daily focus on hydration. Dehydrated skin lacks fullness, manifesting itself as wrinkles and fine lines.

/ Eat foods containing beneficial Omega-3, -6 and -9 as well as antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, lycopene, etc.

/ Foods such as avocados, bananas, oily fish, chia seeds, as well as pure plant oils. Blueberries, pomegranates, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, papaya, ginger and green tea are foods which either boost collagen formation, promote natural cell renewal, are anti-inflammatory or are fibre-rich.

/ Maintain a healthy digestive system. Fibre-rich foods promote healthy bowel movements, and a healthy gut means healthy skin.

The battle is never lost! Prevention is essential, but a lot can be done to improve the fine lines and wrinkles we already have.


My best skin-improving wishes

All the best / Mette