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“Mandelgave” - The Danish Tradition

€31 €59 1 pc.
The traditional Danish “Mandelgave” consists of BLAZE tension release and multi-product CALM balm travel size - wrapped in XL HOME SPA muslin cloth.

- A small gesture / Ideal as a hostess gift

- BLAZE tension release

- CALM balm

- HOME SPA muslin cloth

A little gift with great effect on skin, body and senses that offers the lucky receiver two multi-functional, on-the-go companions for the necessities of everyday life.

Bonus - the wrapping itself is a little present.

Ideal as a little gesture or as a present for the hostess with the mostest. 

Read more about the “Mandelgave”, the Danish Christmas tradition, down below.

CALM balm 20 ml handbag size

This multi-purpose balm can be used as a face, body and lip care, in the hair strands and as shine on cheekbones and under brows. For dry hands, elbows and feet. As an aftershave and aftersun and as a flight- and night mask.

Natural Argan-, Meadowfoam-, Seabuckthorn- and Calendula oils with Shea Butter restores have efficient regenerating, nourishing and soothing properties for dry and irritated skin - but are for every skin type. In combination with the aromatherapeutic blend of relaxing and comforting essential oils from Kanuka, Chamomile and Lavender the balm has a calming effect on the body and mind.

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BLAZE tension release 

A soothing roll-on that calms and eases neck tension, headaches and achiness in the body. The natural blend of plant extracts and aromatherapeutic oils from, amongst other, Devil’s Claw, Arnica (montana), Menthol, Chamomile, Camphor, organic Wheat Germ and Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Rosemary Extract. Feel the interchangeable release of heat and cold, experienced right after applying on the skin.

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XL HOME SPA muslin cloth

The “Mandelgave” is wrapped in our XL HOME SPA muslin cloth (with a value of €12) and tied with the Japanese Furoshiki technique, in 100% organic unbleached cotton.

Use it to wash your face, naturally exfoliating away dead skin cells and bringing renewed radiance to the surface. The effect of using a muslin washcloth to wash off your face mask and cleanser, instead of your palms and fingertips, is both visible and noticeable on the skin.

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In most Danish households, this Christmas tradition is usually practiced right after the Christmas dinner or later in the evening, when the gifts have been opened and we need a break from dancing around the Christmas tree (there you have some more Danish traditions). 

According to tradition, one whole almond must be placed in a bowl of risalamande (rice pudding with cherry sauce), and whoever is lucky enough to find the almond in their portion, receives the Mandelgave (“almond gift”).

The Mandelgave can be used for anything! As a small gesture for someone you hold dear or as a gift for the host/ hostess.