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Dry brushing is a centuries-old body treatment technique used in many cultures and continents, always with the goal: to improve skin tone and stimulate the body from the inside, to achieve increased energy and well-being. BUFF is our "starter-brush" and is also the ideal brush for sensitive skin.

Made from sustainable beech and natural bristles, BUFF is closely aligned in softness / hardness to be both effective and yet gentle.

Regular dry brushing removes dead skin cells without damaging the outer layers of the skin, and helps to reduce and prevent cellulite, increase energy levels and firm the skin. Brush with long straight strokes towards the heart to stimulate the nervous system, blood circulation and lymphatic system - read more about HOW TO use the brush using the instructions below.

Always drink plenty of water to flush all the toxins out of the body after dry brushing.


  • Karmameju’s gentle dry skin body brush is designed for use without water or soap. Use before showering or bathing as part of your daily cleansing routine.
  • Begin with light, gentle brush strokes and adapt to match the sensitivity of your skin. Commencing with the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet, brush inwards from the outermost points of your body, working rhythmically in long, straight, smooth and gentle strokes towards the heart.
  • When brushing the head and neck, move carefully down to the upper back and shoulders and across the torso to the lower back.
  • Brush the entire surface of your body, avoiding the tender skin of the face, breasts and décolletage, always remembering to brush towards the heart.


  • A slight flush to the skin is normal. Take care not to brush too hard and avoid irritated, sensitive or broken skin, taking extra caution around raised moles or abrasions.
  • After 3-5 minutes of body brushing you can shower or bathe. A cool rinse to activate blood circulation and promote a healthy glow is recommended. After showering, buff body vigorously with a dry towel before applying Karmameju Body Oil.
  • Remember to flush away the toxins released through brushing by drinking at least 2-3 litres of filtered water every day. Any new regimen requires time to show results, so be patient and remain consistent with your brushing schedule.

Skin brushing has been practiced for centuries all over the world and by many different cultures. It is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to revitalise your beauty routine - as well as your skin and energy levels. Used regularly, your body brushing will get results fast. Read on to find out more about its many benefits.

/Boost energy

Feeling tired, listless and lacking in energy has become the norm for many. But this need not be the case. Lethargy, fatigue and a general lack of vitality can indicate that the lymphatic system is blocked, sluggish or just plain overwhelmed by stress and environmental toxins. Stimulating the lymphatic system by body brushing can get things moving again.

/Stimulate lymph flow

/The lymphatic system is an essential part of our circulatory system, with one of its primary functions being to filter the blood. A complex network of lymphatic vessels transports the clear fluid known as 'lymph' around the body, filtering, draining and recycling as it travels. Healthy lymph flow is therefore crucial to its effectiveness.

/Cleanse and detoxify

Lymph nodes, dotted throughout the entire body along the lymphatic pathways, filter and purify the lymph fluid, returning clean blood cells to the body and breaking down pathogens and toxins. As well as cleansing and detoxifying, the lymph system reclaims digested fats and proteins, circulating them around the body, helping to increase energy.

/Deep Down

/While the superficial lymph vessels terminate just below the outer layer of skin, they flow back into the body's deeper lymphatic vessels. Any congestion at superficial lymphatic level will result in blockages deep down, so skin brushing is an excellent way to stimulate the activity of the entire lymphatic system by working on the surface only.


Skin brushing can be especially beneficial to those who are more sedentary, whether through age, disability or illness. One session of vigorous skin brushing can promote a similar level of lymph flow as achieved by 20 minutes of exercise, helping to purge toxins from the body. As long as you always brush towards the heart, you can even do it sitting down.


Skin brushing helps to remove old, dead skin and opens the pores, encouraging detoxification and improving skin tone. The gentle stimulation of the skin's connective top layers promotes the production of collagen and elastin fibres so body brushing can even help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Do not brush when your skin or brush is damp or wet.
  • Avoid brushing irritated, sensitive or broken skin.
  • After use, brush the bristles several times with your hand or a dry brush and gently tap on a hard, even surface to ensure all skin particles are removed.
  • Clean your brush in warm water with a gentle soap every 2-3 weeks. 
  • We recommend using a separate brush for each member of your household.


Skincare science / is driven by the never-ending pursuit of clear, glowing, youthful skin. Yet the formula for taking care of our skin has changed very little: stay hydrated, eat healthy and sleep well; cleanse thoroughly, moisturise and protect.

We believe / it is possible to look and feel your absolute best while making sustainable, natural skincare choices. So we use only the finest grade essential oils and the highest quality, pure and naturally dynamic active ingredients, carefully formulated to assist your body’s innate ability to nurture and care for itself.


Pure & natural skincare / blended at therapeutic ratios, Karmameju natural skincare delivers visible results while actively promoting physical and mental wellness, inner radiance and vitality.

Our integrity / is central to everything we do,
so we want you to know exactly what is in our products. That’s why we clearly list, label and define every ingredient in the Karmameju range. All our ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable.

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