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signature treatments

With the greatest respect for the body, human beings and the time we live in, we have created the, for us, ultimate Signature Treatments. Our starting point has been to promote healthy, well-cared-for and active skin, while the body and mind are de-stressed, stimulated and balanced.

When was the last time you were surprised, excited or left in a state of zen after a treatment?

The six luxurious Karmameju treatments have been developed around the centre of Karmameju’s NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH principles including our many years of experience and research with a touch of our dreams.

The treatments are based on Karmamejus 3 sensory and stimulating aromatherapy groups: 01, 02 & 03.

You will experience our love for rituals through our hand, “putte”, cleansing and dry brushing rituals in combination with authentic techniques such as connective tissue and lifting massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and the most beautiful aromatherapy.

Karmameju’s products are pure, natural and active and our skincare is used in all treatments including 3 new, amazing facemasks to be launched in May 2018.

The integrity within the products is mirrored in the treatments; we aim for the stars for all Karmameju users.

SMUK, SART, DYB, HÅB, FRED and FRI are 90 minute long treatments and you can read more about the individual treatments below.

smuk 01

SMUK 01 /

Age-defence lifting facial 

Dry / mature / normal / dull skin lacking glow and elasticity

Regenerate, stimulate, detox and reduce "signs of the times" with this deep 01 treatment for dry, mature and normal skin. Connective tissue massage and lifting techniques are used in combination with sensory and effective age-defence skin care products. The skin appears hydrated, healthy, smooth and glowing after Karmameju’s 01 facial treatment. The mind feels positive, sensual and strong.

sart 02

SART 02 /

Calming lymphatic drainage facial 


Sensitive / reactive / redness / stressed / eczema / normal skin

This de-stressing and nourishing 02 facial treatment calms and cares for challenged and sensitive skin. Lymphatic drainage combined with healing and calming anti-inflammatory age-defence skin care, will strengthen, stabilise and soothe the skin. Clinically proven ingredients will protect, reduce redness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is left in an improved condition and appears smooth, plumped and de-stressed. The mind feels calm, centered and embraced.

dyb 03

DYB 03 /

Refining detox extraction facial 

Combination / unbalanced / normal / skin in need of extraction

Cleanse, strengthen and refine your skin with our 03 facial treatment. Clinically proven active ingredients balance and refine resulting in smooth, purified skin with a clear complexion. The skin appears healthy, plumped with a clear teint. The mind feels energised, focused and curious. This facial is with deep cleansing

ha b 01

HÅB 01 /

Deep connective tissue body treatment 


Ideal for tense muscles / uneasiness / fluid accumulation / sadness / loneliness

Meditative, sensory and sensual. This deep connective tissue massage strengthens, harmonises and renews. The body is released from toxins and tension. You feel centered, calm, safe and full of love. The mind feels positive and full of hope.

The luxurious, warm and sensual fragrances in the 01 series are exquisite combinations of delicate flower, tree and spice notes that nourish and rebuild the skin while stimulating the senses. Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Sandalwood, Cedar and Carnation are just a few examples of the precious fragrances used.

fred 02

FRED 02 / 

Soothing lymphatic drainage body treatment


Ideal for fluid accumulation / over sensitivity / stress / uneasiness / anxiety and fatigue

Pulsating, feathery lymphatic drainage movements across the skin will move the lymph fluids resulting in better circulation, body flow and release of tension. The 02 body treatment relaxes and relieves the body. The mind will reach a sense of meditative calm including a feeling of presence and mildness.

The fragrances in the mild and soothing 02 skincare are for all skin types and are ideal for delicate, reactive skin and for times where we need extra calm and care. A delicate combination of light flower notes, soothing herbs and mild citrus oils soothes, rebuilds and evokes balance in body and mind. We often refer to this product group as the "European herb garden".

* NOTE / FRED 02 treatment is not a massage, but a body treatment at the surface of the skin.

fri 03

FRI 03 / 

Energetic detox acupressure body treatment


Ideal for fatigue / poor circulation / fluid accumulation / cellulites / sadness and lack of energy

Our dynamic and deep detox 03 body treatment combines acupressure, roll/twist and dynamic massage to stimulate blood circulation, counteract cellulite and increase the body's energy levels. A sensory, uplifting and dynamic treatment that wakes the senses, brings focus, generates joy and releases the mind.

The fragrance notes in the uplifting and energising 01 products will change your day for the better. They ease stress and exhaustion  and are also an excellent remedy for cold, flu and hangover. The stimulating composition of essential oils is a combination of refreshing Lemon, Litsey May Chang, Lemongrass, Orange, Grapefruit, with light flower notes and spices. This range of products is revitalising and will wake up both body and mind.



At the moment the Karmameju treatments can only be experienced at the newly built Marienlyst Strandspa. A paradise of well-being with 20 different spa facilities and experiences - outside as well as inside: warm pools, two outdoor jacuzzis, infinity pool, beach sauna/saunagus with direct access to the sea, salt therapy cave, an irresistible copper spa, panoramic sauna, lounge areas, an open fireplace lounge and much more. Everything is located directly on the beach with the most beautiful view.

You can book your treatment directly at hotel@marienlyst.dk.

Later in the year the treatments will be available throughout the country. Please contact Karmameju info@karmameju.com for information on where to experience the treatments. 

We hope you will enjoy SMUK, SART, DYB, HÅB, FRED and FRI ❤ 


Skincare science / is driven by the never-ending pursuit of clear, glowing, youthful skin. Yet the formula for taking care of our skin has changed very little: stay hydrated, eat healthy and sleep well; cleanse thoroughly, moisturise and protect.

We believe / it is possible to look and feel your absolute best while making sustainable, natural skincare choices. So we use only the finest grade essential oils and the highest quality, pure and naturally dynamic active ingredients, carefully formulated to assist your body’s innate ability to nurture and care for itself.


Pure & natural skincare / blended at therapeutic ratios, Karmameju natural skincare delivers visible results while actively promoting physical and mental wellness, inner radiance and vitality.

Our integrity / is central to everything we do,
so we want you to know exactly what is in our products. That’s why we clearly list, label and define every ingredient in the Karmameju range. All our ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable.

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