UV radiation is a part of the sun’s natural energy that reaches the earth as invisible ultraviolet rays. These energizing rays are the ones making us suntanned and contribute with important vitamin D. Unfortunately, the rays can also cause damage to our skin when being unprotected in the sun or in the sun for too long.


There are three types of UV radiation; UVA, UVB, and UVC. Only UVA and UVB radiation penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and thereby our skin. And then there’s the blue HEV light, what’s up with that? Read on and we will give you the answers.

What is UVA?

UVA rays constitute 95% of the total UV radiation reaching the earth. UVA radiation deeply penetrates the skin which can cause early signs of aging and damage in the deeper layers of the skin. The UVA rays produce free radicals that damage the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin. These free radicals are further known to be related to skin cancer.

A good way to remember UVA is on the A - as in “Aging” of the skin.

What is UVB?

UVB rays are shorter and constitute the remaining 5% of the total UV radiation reaching the earth.

UVB rays only reach the top layer of our skin and can cause sunburns when we are exposed to the sun. When our skin is exposed to UVB rays without sun protection, there is a risk that the DNA in our skin cells becomes damaged. This can lead to DNA mutations which eventually can cause skin cancer.

A good way to remember UVB is on the B - as in “Burning” the skin.

What is HEV light?

HEV light stands for high-energy visible light and is also called blue light. Like UVA and UVB rays, the HEV light primarily comes from the sun, and research shows, that they are just as damaging to the skin as UV rays. The blue light can penetrate the skin deeper than UV rays, why they play a major role in causing wrinkles, rough skin texture, and hyperpigmentation. It can be difficult to avoid the blue light completely, as you will be exposed to the light from your phone, computer and tablet, even after sunset.

It is essential that you nourish the skin with extra antioxidants that prevent the blue light’s free radicals, from damaging the skin. Karmameju’s sunscreens contain strong antioxidants from plants and vitamins that effectively helps protect the skin against blue light. The best protection is to minimise screen time as well as use antioxidant-rich sunscreen. Karmameju recommends to use PRE- & AFTER SUN serum-lotion under your sunscreen to supplement with extra antioxidant-protection.

When to protect yourself from the sun?

The intensity of the UV radiation that reaches our skin depends on season, time of day and geography. The UV index can be used as a local indication for when it is particularly important to be protected against the sun. The UV index indicates the strength of UV radiation at a particular place and time. However, if the UV index is low, the UV rays are still active and will affect your skin.

Protect your skin all year round with Karmameju SUN

It is important to protect our skin against both UVA and UVB radiation when staying in the sun. Some choose to use sun protection summer, autumn, winter and spring, while others only use it when in the sun. We are exposed to UV radiation all year round but it is an individual choice how often you choose to protect your skin against the sun. The skin-aging UVA rays can penetrate through clouds and windows, why you might benefit from protecting the skin on your face and décolletage throughout the whole year.

When using Karmameju SUN what you get is luxurious suncare that’s skincare. The physical, mineral UV filter used in Karmameju SUN is Titanium Dioxide, naturally extracted from the soil. It protects the skin against both UVA and UVB by absorbing, scattering and reflecting UV rays while being rich in blue light fighting antioxidants. The Karmameju SUN range doubles as luxurious, botanical-based skincare to protect, hydrate, invigorate, nourish, repair, and renew the skin. Imbued with pure, natural, and active ingredients that go beyond UV protection, which makes the range perfectly suitable for everyday use and ideal as a vacation essential.

Karmameju SUN - suncare that's skincare