Rub it in!

In this article I have sunscreen on my mind – or, to put it more precisely, the easy application of sunscreens. That is, sunscreens based on physical filters, those based on naturally extracted, mineral pigments.

In the development of Karmameju SUN, the mineral sunscreens were the only ones my green heart wanted to use. The benefits of the mineral sun filters, also called the physical UV filters, are many, and I will write about them below. But the disadvantage of the mineral sun filters is that they can feel sticky on the skin, that they can make the skin white/blueish and be difficult to apply.

Our biggest goal in the product development was to change that disadvantage - to crack the code so that it no longer has to be like that. And we reached the goal with 95%, I would say. 100% if the skin is prepared before applying sunscreen with mineral UV filters.

Karmameju SUN does not feel sticky on the skin. And the sunscreens are relatively easy to apply, so it does not end up with a blue/white result. It requires a little extra of you when it comes to the application, in the moment with your child and with yourself.

Karmameju SUN can be easily applied so that you don’t look like a white, gray or blue ghost. It takes a few minutes longer than with sunscreen based on chemical UV filters or on nano-UV filters. But I really like to use the extra time to be able to use the mineral sun filters instead.

Because the mineral UV filters consist of pigments, two things are really important:

1. The pigments must be "melted on the skin" by good application with warm hands: Warm the sunscreen between your palms before applying it on the body or face.

2.  Dry skin and mineral pigments is not a good combination. If you have dry skin, the gray shade will appear on the skin. My guess is that it is the dry skin that is now seen more, in combination with the mineral pigments. Therefore, well-moisturized and exfoliated skin is very beneficial if you want to use mineral based sunscreen.

If the skin is well cared for, SUN will melt on the skin and leave it protected, nourished and with a beautiful glow.

Dry brushing removes dry skin, so it’s a perfect skin care ritual to prioritize during the sunscreen season, indeed all year round. Exfoliation with body scrub is another good skin prep. You can achieve moisturised skin with either body lotion, body oil or with our PRE- & AFTER SUN, which also double boosts the skin with important antioxidants before the skin has to be kissed by the sun. If the skin is well cared for, SUN will melt on the skin and leave it protected, nourished and with a beautiful glow.

And regarding the extra minutes it takes to put on the sunscreen: Remember, touching the skin releases happy hormones in the brain so your time will be well spent.

So, rub it in! 



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