The Karmameju Skincare range of exceptional, bespoke Eau de Parfums are all stimulating, aromatherapeutic perfumes that honours the heritage of ancient, natural art of perfumery.

Created in a close collaboration between Karmameju and our English Master Perfumer, we use natures potent and dynamic fragrances in combination with new technology and innovation.

“There are so many perfumes on the market. Do we really need more? Fortunately, we never tire of music, poetry, film, art... or sensory fragrances.  

Expensive natural fragrances are rarely used at high levels in the conventional perfume industry. This leaves space for those that do use them to stand out and explore the original art of aromatherapeutic perfumery.

If you ask us, natural scents are incomparable to synthetically produced fragrances created in a laboratory. The natural, warm fragrance of the amber note derived from Labdanum or the magical drops of Angelica Root, the finest elixir from Bulgarian Rose and the countless other gems found in the wild – they seduce our noses and our hearts.”

- Mette Skjærbæk, Karmameju’s Founder and Creative Director 

POWDERBLOOM / Eau de Parfum POWDERBLOOM / Eau de Parfum
A chypre fragrance

POWDERBLOOM / Eau de Parfum

50 ml.
NECTARFLAME / Eau de Parfum NECTARFLAME / Eau de Parfum
A floriental fragrance

NECTARFLAME / Eau de Parfum

50 ml.
URBAN OUD / Eau de Parfum URBAN OUD / Eau de Parfum
A woody fragrance

URBAN OUD / Eau de Parfum

50 ml.

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