The poetic spirits of the perfumes

We’ve described in our own dreamy way how we experience the scents of Karmameju’s three Eau de Parfums. These three short stories illustrate the moods that have set the scene for the creation of the perfumes, further helping you decide which of our perfumes you are most intuitively attracted to.

Maybe you have experienced a certain feeling evoked by someone’s scent. Because scents are associated with precious memories and experiences – or the opposite. That scent may be connected to a particular person and all of the beloved facets of their personality. So, the perfume you wear could potentially become something that you will be remembered for.

But a scent can also create a very special mood – in the room you are in or just inside yourself. A mood you are attracted to, a mood you dream about being present when you wear the perfume, or that awaken a feeling inside you – a scent that turns on your inner muse and makes you feel sexy, serene or bold... Whatever you identify most with.

So which scent is yours? POWDERBLOOM, NECTARFLAME, URBAN OUD or all three? Your heart and your sense of smell will always guide you.

Powderbloom – a chypre fragrance

POWDERBLOOM is powdery aldehydes in combination with precious floral notes of Bulgarian Rose, Rose Geranium and Linden flower, with light, playful top notes of fresh, green Bergamot, aromatic Angelica root and calming Chamomile. Composed in beautiful harmony with spiritual Frankincense and seductive Ylang Ylang, and with base notes of earthy Amber, Labdanum resin and sweet Cedarwood.

The scents of the Chypre fragrance family are rich and sophisticated, yet delicate and understated with deep, warm and dry elements of seductive flowers, fruit and wood.

POWDERBLOOM Eau de Parfum is for those drawn to light, floral scents that leave an ebullient, yet sensual and warm impression.

Nectarflame – a floriental fragrance

NECTARFLAME is a sweet, heart-warming acquaintance. Flirtatiously composed of top notes of Lavender, Linden flower and Rose Geranium, the perfume offers a mild, harmonious opening.

With an intoxicating, passionate and nectar-sweet middle of Tuberose, Bulgarian Rose, Ambrette seed, Jasmine, Magnolia and Ylang Ylang, NECTARFLAME releases its loving flame in the middle of the perfume.

Earthy resin, Guaiac wood, Cedarwood, Patchouli and balsamic Labdanum sum up the perfume without drowning the sweet, flaming middle.

NECTARFLAME is the love child of the floriental fragrance family.

As the name suggests, the scents of this fragrance family are a lavish combination of light, flowery notes and nectar-sweet flowers, spices, warm woody notes and balsamic resin.

Nectarflame is for those drawn to sweet scents that leave an intoxicating sensual yet also harmonious, feminine impression.

Urban Oud – a wood fragrance

Urban Oud is an intense, seductive wood fragrance, borne by the precious resin of the Agarwood tree, immediately demanding attention. In the top notes, the significant scent is spiced with enigmatic Star Anise and intense Cardamom, combined with the perfume’s warm middle of sensual, decadent Jasmine, Neroli, Bulgarian Rose and exotic Ylang Ylang. The base notes hold the perfume’s deepest secret and mystique with grounding Vetivert and five treasured wood notes: Agarwood, Guaiac wood, Sandalwood, Labdanum and Benzoin.

The wood fragrance family is dominated by warm, dry and distinctively raw, smoky and earthy fragrances. Based on tree resin, bark, fresh pinecones, moss, leaves and earthy woods, the woody notes form a picturesque scene of raw nature and deep forests.

Urban Oud is for those drawn to raw, masculine, sensual fragrance notes that speak their own clear “body” language. Urban Oud is the essence of aromatherapeutic seduction, alluring men and women alike. Therefore, Urban Oud is a unisex perfume.

Form your own impression of the fragrances

The descriptions of our three fragrances will far from suffice for everyone – that’s how it is with fragrances – because in reality, the perception of a perfume varies from nose to nose.

You need to smell them on your skin.

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Welcome to the wonderfully complex world of perfumery. 

At Karmameju, we are scent explorers, and our noses are constantly sniffing out new scent experiences in the noble world of aromatherapy. Ten years’ work with nature’s own fragrances have culminated in the launch of our collection of perfumes: POWDERBLOOM, NECTARFLAME and URBAN OUD.

The high content of precious, essential oils and resins is the common denominator of our perfumes. But when it comes to their scent – and the emotions associated with them – there’s a world of difference. We only develop fragrances that honour the ancient heritage of the original, natural art of perfumery.