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DO YOU cards

€20 1 pack.
The DO YOU cards are an inspirational and loving reminder to prioritise yourself every day. 52 inspirational cards with mental exercises and acts of self-love. Read more

The DO YOU card set consists of 52 inspirational cards with simple, self-loving actions and thought exercises, created to inspire a conscious focus on prioritising yourself.

The intention behind the cards is that the user draws an inspirational card every day, in order to practice doing something good for yourself. No rules apply in terms of how often the cards are to be used - that is completely up to you. To some it will be a good start of the day - others would like to prefer the evening.

Shuffle the cards, and pick a card. It might be exactly what you need today.

With time, we hope that the cards will stay in your thoughts so that the acts become more and more natural in everyday life. 

The Karmameju DO YOU cards are a declaration of love from Karmameju to you.

Read more about the DO YOU community at our blog 

The cards are assigned small, physical actions such as opening the windows and letting out “what no longer serves”, cards targeted at inner health like drinking plenty of water, cards that inspire home spa-treatments, cards that inspire mental exercises, and much more. 

The idea behind every card is created by Karmameju’s founder, Mette Skjærbæk, who loves inspiration which allows her to remember herself in a busy everyday life. Stretching over a period, Mette created all the cards based on ideas that would inspire her, with the desire to create a DO YOU-movement, which you have already so beautifully embraced. 

The illustrations on the cards are created by Karmameju’s graphic designer, Julia Corradi, who has drawn every single illustration by hand, symbolising the sentiments and actions behind the cards. The card set is made in a durable quality, packed in a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing box with a lid, which will fit in, in most homes.

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