Karmameju was founded by Danish Mette Skjærbæk in 1999. Her product development is always centered around an uncompromising approach to creating exceptional products that optimize the skin and stimulate the senses.

As a green-hearted skincare visionary, innovation and integrity are essential in everything she creates. "People first" is her North Star and inspiring self-care and body respect is one of Mette's most important pursuits.



“Natural health has captivated me since I was very young. I am drawn to nature, both the tranquility that it instills and the miraculous bioactivity that I am so impressed by. Karmameju Skincare reflects my love for nature and people - and for natural beauty, health, body respect, a positive outlook on life and the natural art of perfume.


Your body and skin have an innate ability to care for themselves if given the right conditions. Thus, I believe that there is ’no beauty without truth’


Skincare and health are the same thing for me. I am convinced that the coveted beauty is achieved through nourishment of the body and good skincare rituals. Your body and skin have an innate ability to care for themselves if given the right conditions. Thus, I believe that there is ’no beauty without truth’, which is Karmameju's tagline. Beauty happens holistically both from the inside and the outside. This is an important message that we have always had in Karmameju Skincare.


My career in the skincare industry is undeniably linked to my belief in giving the body what does it good so that the mind can be happy. I think it is among some of the most beautiful things that exist when we humans inspire each other to a better everyday life. I want to give good to as many people as possible on my path. That's why we created the Karmameju blog universe, with some of all the things I love and I myself am inspired and fascinated by. I hope the blog will inspire you to take extra good care of yourself. BLOG 


Skincare for me is much more than just optimizing the skin. When we spend time on ourselves, prioritise ourselves, we are being respectful of ourselves. During my Talks, I always ask the audience who is the most important person in their life. For most people it is difficult to answer "me" - and as the mother of Mila and Felina, I also find it difficult to give that answer. But I also know that when I take good care of myself, I am a better mother, lover, sister, daughter, colleague, friend, etc. We have created the movement DO YOU and hope we can inspire you in this direction as well.


In the time we live in, where beauty has many ideals, I think the most important thing we can do is to speak softly to ourselves – because the heart listens.

Thank you so much for your support, trust and dedication to Karmameju Skincare. It means the world to me”



- Mette Skjærbæk,
Founder & Creative Director


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