Sunscreen for kids

Karmameju KIDS SUN is dermatologically tested and 100% perfume-free UV protection for children and those who wish to use sunscreen without fragrance. The same skin-strengthening protection as Karmameju SUN - just without fragrance. Karmameju KIDS SUN is available with SPF 30 only, absorbs easily after a nice massaging application and is non-greasy. With vegan and organic ingredients.

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KIDS SUN sunscreen for children provides the same skin-strengthening and antioxidant-rich sun protection as the rest of the Karmameju SUN range - but without fragrance.

The best sunscreen for face and body

Our hypoallergenic blend of plant-based ingredients and tear-free mineral UV filter in Karmameju KIDS SUN makes it the ideal protection for both face and body.

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How to apply mineral sunscreen easily 

Dry skin and mineral pigments are not a good combination. It's more difficult to get a transparent result if the skin is dry. Therefore, well-moisturized and exfoliated skin is very beneficial if you, like us, want to use mineral-based sunscreen on your and your family's precious skin.

Make application easier and get a more transparent result with mineral sunscreen by hydrating the skin before application. And warm the sunscreen between your palms to melt and soften the mineral pigments before applying it on your body or face.

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Sunscreen for kids, SPF 30 Sunscreen for kids, SPF 30
Karmameju Skincare

Sunscreen for kids, SPF 30

200 ml.
Sunscreen for kids, SPF 30 - travel size Sunscreen for kids, SPF 30 - travel size
Karmameju Skincare

Sunscreen for kids, SPF 30 - travel size

100 ml.

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