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HOME SPA - muslin cloth

€12 3 pcs.
3-pack organic muslin cloths for daily face cleanse cleansing. With gentle micro-exfoliating, stimulating and deep cleansing benefits for all skin types.

- For all skin types

- Home spa feeling

- 100% organic, unbleached cotton

- Stimulating, exfoliating and cleansing

Karmameju’s 3-pack muslin cloths transform the daily face cleansing routine into a sense-awakening home spa feeling. Using a wash cloth for face cleansing both make cleansing easier but also minimizes the need for harsh, deep cleansing and over-exfoliating cleansing products.

The effect of a muslin cloth in the cleansing ritual, instead of just using the palm of your hand and fingertips when the cleansing products are rinsed off, is both visible and noticeable on the skin. The skin will appear more even, polished and with refined pores from the wet cloth’s stimulating, micro-exfoliating and deeply cleansing effect - without having a damaging impact on the skin’s protective barrier.

The pack consists of 3 muslin cloths in 100% organic, unbleached cotton. 

HOME SPA washcloths have many possibilities of use. Read more about Directions.

- Use it instead of your regular cleansing product in the morning - cleansing with muslin cloths gently exfoliates the skin which in itself is cleansing.

- Use daily together with your preferred cleansing product.

- Use to remove face masks in a few easy swipes.

- Soak in  infragrance infused water with a drop of lavender essential oil or similar.

- Dampen in white tea or green tea infused water for an antioxidant supercharged cleanse.

- Place warm, damp cloths over the face, using two cloths to leave an open space for the nose to breathe comfortably. Leave for some minutes to open and soften skin before doing facials or just as a relaxing moment before applying your favorite skincare. Try applying essential oils or herbal tea in the water

- 3 x muslin wash cloths for the daily face cleanse

- Stimulating, micro-exfoliating and cleansing effect

- Wash cloths cleanses your skin gently with respect for the skin’s protective barrier

- Use it on its own or with your preferred cleanser

- Use it for a home-spa session (read more under Directions)

- Suitable for all skin types

- 100% organic, unbleached cotton

- 100% organic cotton 

- Dimensions: 29 x 29 cm

- Unbleached, colour may vary

- Double layer muslin cloth

- Vegan

- Double layer muslin fabric 

- With a practical handle for hanging up the cloth to dry

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