Karmameju SUN – Let it shine

Karmameju’s no-compromise approach to natural skincare is the starting point for this innovative breakthrough in sunscreen: a range of suncare products comprised of mineral sun filters that are both sheer in appearance and a sheer pleasure to apply.

Karmameju SUN is the manifestation of our environmentally conscious standpoint - with sustainably produced ingredients and plant-based SPF formulas, that are antioxidant-rich and vegan.


Pure, natural, and active UV protection for everyone in the family. A fusion of beauty and nature’s own ability to protect and strengthen the skin.


In collaboration with our award-winning, organic agricultural laboratory in Southern Italy, we have worked for several years towards overcoming the challenge of creating safe UV protection with sustainable ingredients. We are so happy that we have finally succeeded.


”Taking natural suncare to the next level has been a dream of mine for many years.

The challenge was to create UV protection using mineral filters that would be sheer in appearance – and a sheer pleasure to apply.

I’m delighted, deep in my green heart, to finally launch the outcome of our efforts: Karmameju SUN.

Suncare that doubles as skincare with natural, organic and sustainable ingredients.

Antioxidant-rich, vegan, aromatherapeutic and reef-friendly.

I am so happy to offer the consumers a natural suncare choice – without silicone, nano-particles or chemical sunscreens.

It’s a game changer and the products I myself have been searching for. Karmameju SUN is luxurious skincare with UV protection.”

- Mette Skjærbæk, Founder and Creative Director of Karmameju Skincare

When you choose Karmameju SUN

/ Luxurious skincare with UVA and UVB protection

/ Coral-friendly mineral sun filters

/ Organic and sustainable ingredients


Suncare that’s skincare

Karmameju SUN is suncare and skincare in one. Luxurious and plant-based care that helps to protect, hydrate, stimulate, nourish, strengthen, and renew the skin. Imbued with pure, natural, and active ingredients that go beyond UV protection. A high content of sustainably harvested, organic ingredients in a sun protection merge with antioxidants and high-performance, clinically-proven ingredients, which makes the range perfectly suitable for everyday use.


A Mediterranean summer breeze

Karmameju SUN is infused with a beautiful, bespoke aroma that captures the feeling of Mediterranean summer. A refreshing blend of sparkly citrus fruit, cooling mint, and lavender, known for its calming and soothing effect on the skin and senses.


Our fragrances are blended in a synergy, where the different scents enhance one another creating a deep, intoxicating, and complete aromatherapeutic experience. The fragrances in Karmameju Skincare and Karmameju SUN are always 100% natural.


The scent of Karmameju SUN gives you the feeling of summer, all year round.


Sheer mineral sun filter

Karmameju SUN is a suncare range based on the physical, mineral sun filter Titanium Dioxide, which offers optimal protection without clogging the pores. Physical sun filters offer protection against UV rays by settling on the surface and deflect the UV rays. They form a natural, physical barrier between the skin and the sun. Karmameju’s innovative formulas are easy and comfortable to apply.


Our approach to natural skincare means that mineral sun filters are the only right choice for our products.


Creating a broad-spectrum, sheer to apply, luxurious suncare range based on naturally derived, mineral sun filters is an important breakthrough that we are more than excited to share with the world of sun lovers.


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