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Karmameju is skincare with nature's ingredients and sense-awakening fragrances.

As we believe in the human connection with nature, we base our skincare on natural, bioactive and organic ingredients. Created with biotechnology, plant oils, plant extracts, essential oils and clinically proven ingredients.

All Karmameju Skincare products are safety approved in accordance with European cosmetics legislation.

A holistic approach to beauty

Loungewear by Karmameju redefines everyday wellness with ankle-length robes, onesies, extra-long blankets and socks in sensuous soft, warm and super fine fleece. The collection has been created for the Scandinavian lifestyle, in timeless designs, ideal for the changing seasons.

Karmameju was founded in 1999 by Danish, green-hearted skincare visionary Mette Skjærbæk and has been rooted in the Scandinavian lifestyle ever since.