Karmameju Skincare

Hammam towel

€25 90 x 200 cm.
Large and soft beach hammam towel made from 100% organic cotton.

- Ultra-soft beach towel

- 100% organic cotton

- Extra length for the sunbed

- For traveling and for the bathroom

Pack your beach bag with our HAMMAM towel. A thin and ultra-soft 100% organic cotton towel that does not take up much space when rolled up - and is large enough to use as a blanket on the beach.

Use it after bathing, where the light quality dries your body and dries quickly in the sun. Also, ideal to use as a shawl or scarf if you feel cold.


100% organic cotton


90 x 200 cm

- Wash at 30˚.

- Free to use silk/wool laundry detergent

- Wash with light colors 

- Do not bleach

- Read more about CLEVERCARE and how to wash sustainably.

If we all improve the way we care for our clothing we can impact the environment in a noticeable and very positive way. The garment industry is responsible for quite a serious amount of pollution, but a surprisingly large part of the responsibility rests with us as consumers. A staggering high percentage of the pollution created during the life cycle of a piece of clothing (production to destruction), happens in our homes AFTER we have bought the garment.

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