Care for your hair as you do for your skin

Karmameju's haircare range consists of rich haircare products that both cleanse, nourish and restore hair and scalp - for healthy locks and a scalp in balance.

The essence of Karmameju’s uncompromising haircare and styling is to give you a natural choice in terms of hair and scalp: bioactive ingredients, organic plant extracts and oils, protective antioxidants and silicone- and sulfate-free formulas.

Organic Aloe Vera, Argan oil, Coconut, Honey, Shea Butter, Maca, Guar, Lavender, Neroli and Ylang Ylang are among the unique combination of antixodiants and bioactive ingredients we use, essential for nourishing and hydrating the scalp and hair shaft. 

Karmameju’s shampoo and conditioner stimulate strong, lustrous regrowth without leaving residue or build-up. In combination with effective scalp massage with ACTIVATE scalp brush, the path is cleared for oxygenated hair follicles and strengthened hair strands.

A healthy pH balance is essential to maintain a healthy scalp and ideal conditions for beautiful hair. Alleviate dry, itchy and dermatologically challenged scalp with our gentle HERO pH solution.

If your hair needs more nourishment, we recommend using AMAZE hair hydrator - a moisture-saturating leave-in hair care product that hydrates, protects and softens the hair.

For nourishing hair styling, we recommend EPIC hair oil, which softens, protects and gives shine to the hair - without weighing it down. EPIC is a natural and silicone-free hair oil/dry oil that helps improve hair elasticity, reduce frizz and soften dry, brittle ends, regardless of hair type.

For bad hair days, we recommend PUFF dry shampoo, a natural and perfume-free dry shampoo that effectively degreases hair with a few puffs: an ideal quick fix to save a bad hair day, postpone a hair wash or for hair that gets greasy during the day.

Missing a versatile styling product that provides texture and hold? Try the nourishing styling spray from REBEL: A NO-salt water spray based on natural sugar molecules, which gives your hair weightless hold, volume and the perfect beach hair texture - without compromising the health of the hair and scalp. 

HALO hair mask HALO hair mask
Karmameju Skincare

HALO hair mask

200 ml
DEVOTE hair brush DEVOTE hair brush

DEVOTE hair brush

1 pc.
EPIC hair oil EPIC hair oil
Karmameju Skincare

EPIC hair oil

30 ml.
AMAZE hair hydrator AMAZE hair hydrator
ENERGIZING aromatherapy

AMAZE hair hydrator

100 ml.
ACTIVATE scalp brush ACTIVATE scalp brush
NOURISH / All hair types

ACTIVATE scalp brush

1 pcs.
PUFF dry shampoo PUFF dry shampoo
Karmameju Skincare

PUFF dry shampoo

15 g.
SWISH shampoo SWISH shampoo
CALMING aromatherapy

SWISH shampoo

300 ml
GLORY conditioner GLORY conditioner
NOURISH / All hair types

GLORY conditioner

300 ml
REBEL hair texturiser REBEL hair texturiser
Karmameju Skincare

REBEL hair texturiser

100 ml.
HERO pH solution - 400 ml. HERO pH solution - 400 ml.
STABILIZE / All skin types

HERO pH solution - 400 ml.

200 ml
HERO pH solution - 200 ml. HERO pH solution - 200 ml.
STABILIZE / All skin types

HERO pH solution - 200 ml.

200 ml
HERO pH solution - travel size HERO pH solution - travel size
STABILIZE / All skin types

HERO pH solution - travel size

50 ml
Care for your hair kit Care for your hair kit
Karmameju Skincare

Care for your hair kit

2 pcs.
€65 €72

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