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YIN lip balm

€18 12 ml
Lip balm for everyday use with a natural, long-lasting glossy effect, which keeps the lips protected, moisturized and soft.

- Daily, long-lasting lip care

- Natural, bioactive ingredients

- Flavour of natural peppermint

- Perfume-free and vegan

Lip balm for everyday use with a natural, long-lasting glossy effect, which keeps the lips protected, moisturized and soft.

YIN lip balm is long-lasting lip care for the everyday moisture fix, leaving the lips ultra-soft, moisturized, and protected. Perfume-free, lightly cooling, and with a gentle mint flavour.

YIN maintains the active ingredients on the lips, providing care for hours. A lip balm without ingredients that create the thirsty need for more and more. The result? Well-cared-for, kiss-ready lips from the inside and out. Formulated with natural, bioactive, and biotechnological ingredients like collagen-boosting Microalgae oil with clinical evidence and skin-strengthening benefits, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing Castor oil, and gloss-giving  Carnauba wax.

Developed and produced in Denmark.

Even though YIN lip balm is nourishing on its own, you can achieve even better results in synergy with YANG lip treatment: A repairing and rebuilding lip cream for dry, cracked, and extra exposed lips, packed with natural and bioactive SOS ingredients.

- Use on the lips when they need extra moisture.

- Use it day and night, in thick or thin layers.

- Comes with an ideal on-the-go angled applicator tip.

- Can be beneficially used as care for dry spots or as shine on cheeks and under eyebrows.

- Combine with YANG lip treatment for a double-lip-mask-treatment.

- Moisturizing everyday care for the lips.

- Natural, bioactive and biotechnological ingredients

- Perfume-free and vegan.

- Skin-enhancing and protecting against drying-out. 

- Free from drying ingredients that create a thirsty need for more.

- Leaves the skin with long-lasting softness and shine.

- 100% bio-based tube made of recyclable plastic from sugarcane.

- Natural, food-grade peppermint flavor.

- Can be used for shine on cheekbones and on dry spots.

Developed and produced in Denmark.

- The tube, applicator tip and lid are made from 100% bio-based, recyclable sugarcane plastic.

- The packaging is made of FSC-certified paper, like the other Karmameju products.

Carnauba wax: Light yellow, vegetable wax from the carnauba palm, which provides the ideal consistency and glossy finish on the lips. Leaves a water-repellent, transparent layer on the skin that protects against drying out. 

Castor oil: Skin-enhancing oil that promotes the healing process. Rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-6 fatty acids. Moisturizing, softening and anti-inflammatory properties.

Microalgae oil: Collagen-boosting microalgae oil with clinically proven and skin-strengthening properties. Documented to strengthen the skin while restoring its natural suppleness and vitality. Created using biotechnology with the sap from chestnut trees.

Vitamin E / Tocopherol: Natural Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant and natural preservative. Helps reduce damage from UV and pollution, works moisture-binding and is known for its healing effect.

Peppermint oil: Mild taste and scent of wild mint. Light cooling effect on the skin. Calms irritation and itchiness. Allergen-free, natural, and food-approved.

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