Optimize your water 

We have put together some of our best recipes to drink your way to a more hydrated body with water that is more than just plain water. Vitamin water, flavoured water, infused water, sassy water, iced tea.  There are plenty of names for spruced up waters that increase hydration, increases your energy and improves cellular function and mental health.

This is why our mantra “Stay hydrated – DRINK WATER” is printed on the label of all Karmameju Skincare products. 

At Karmameju, our tagline is NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH, which describes one of the most important aspects of our philosophy. Let’s raise our glasses of water in appreciation for this precious element.  It is not a message usually placed on skincare products, but at Karmameju, we know that when it comes to caring for your skin, rule number one is having a well-hydrated body.

In all of the recipes below you can choose to use coconut water instead of plain water to add more hydrating electrolytes.

Chia water

Water with crushed chia seeds

Do you know that thick gel that forms around chia seeds when you soak them in water? It is said that this kind of gel water, which is found in fruits, vegetables, chia seeds and other foods, makes up more than 90% of the water our bodies consist of naturally.

Scientific research shows that gel water is more hydrating than plain water because its unique electric charge and absorbing qualities help the body to retain water in the body’s tissues. Some studies have indicated that fluid water in itself is not sufficient to attain optimal hydration of the body. It is therefore ideal to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as they are filled with gel water, electrolytes and fiber that will help the body to absorb the gel water.


  • Crush a teaspoon of chia seeds with a blender, coffee grinder or mortar and pestle.
  • Add the crushed chia seeds to ordinary tap water or spring water.

Gel water can be as thin as fluid water but it feels somewhat silky when you drink it. If it is allowed to set, it can become as thick as pudding. Crushing the seeds creates more surface area, which produces more gel.


Electrolyte drink

Water with lime, Himalaya salt and sugar.

If your dehydrated body is sending out an SOS, this drink can come to the rescue.

Foods that contain electrolytes release an electric charge when they are dissolved inside the body. They start a cascade of hydrogen bonds that activate the formation of more gel water in the body (read more about gel water in the recipe for chia water) and with that, a more optimal hydration. Electrolyte water can be recommended before, during or after events or circumstances that contribute to the dehydration of the body, such as a day in the sunshine or during a flight.


  • Mix 1 liter of water with a ½ teaspoon of salt and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar
  • Add juice from a half or whole lime to give the water a taste similar to lemonade

The sugar helps your body absorb water and salt more easily so you can maintain a good body fluid balance.


Melon water

Water with watermelon

Although watermelons contain 92% water, it is an enriching fruit filled with healthy vitamins and antioxidants. One of the most important substances that make watermelon a healthy pleasure, is the antioxidant, lycopene, which is a fat-soluble and gives it the red colour. It is widely known that tomatoes contain lycopene, but in fact watermelon also has a high content of this antioxidant. It helps to strengthen the skin’s own defense and protects against DNA damage in connection with the cells are exposed to oxidation, such as from sunshine.


  • Cut a watermelon into cubes or slices and add water. 
  • Put the watermelon in a pitcher of water and let it cool in the fridge. Enjoy a glass and eat the melon when you are finished.

    Pink grapefruit water

    Water with grapefruit and rosemary

    This bittersweet, pink drink is a good alternative to a gin and tonic. It’s a healthy, non-alcoholic beverage with a gorgeous colour that can brighten any table setting. Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. The fruit is known for its antioxidant qualities and its high content of vitamin C that is believed to help neutralize free radicals in our bodies. Along with the herb rosemary, which contains the bioactive substances, carnosol and carnosic acid, pink grapefruit water is not only hydrating, it is also filled with phytochemicals that boost the immune system.


    • Squeeze the juice from a whole ripe grapefruit into a liter of water. 
    • Crush the sprigs of fresh rosemary so that the oil from the leaves is released into the water. 
    • Enjoy chilled and with ice cubes.

    NOTE: Please not that it is believed that some medicines work differently if they are taken together with grapefruit. Consult your doctor if you are in doubt.


    Iced tea

    Water with jasmine tea and lemongrass

    Refreshing iced tea with a delicious scent that would fit in perfectly with our energizing, aromatherapeutic 03 series with a touch of Asia in its appearance, flavour and scent. Jasmine and lemongrass have beneficial qualities when drunk as a tea. Jasmine is believed to stimulate serotonin, which is known as the happiness hormone and also has anti-inflammatory properties that help strengthen the body’s immune system. Lemongrass is rich in Vitamin C so combined with jasmine, this iced tea will not only quench your thirst, it will also boost your immune system. 


    You can make this iced tea in two ways one easy and one a bit more advanced.

    For the advanced version you will need: Fresh lemongrass, green tea and dried jasmine blossoms.

    • Prepare the lemongrass by cutting off the bulb and removing the outer leaves. Cut the stalk into slices about 2 cm thick. Mash or pound gently with a pestle and mortar to release the essential oils.
    • Add the lemongrass and the green tea to a pot of boiling water and heat it under a lid for 2 minutes.
    • Remove from the stove and add dried jasmine blossoms. Let the blossoms steep in the tea under a lid for 2 minutes. 
    • Use a sieve to remove the tea leaves and blossoms. Let it cool and serve chilled or on ice.

    For the quick version, you need: Already blended jasmine tea and some fresh lemongrass.

    • Make a pot of jasmine tea.
    • Ad freshly sliced lemongrass and let it steep in the tea.
    • Put the tea in the fridge to cool down and serve on ice.

    For a sweet tea, you can add honey which also has beneficial anti-bacterial qualities.




    This article is written to inspire the reader to try alternative ways of hydrating the body. This article is no substitute for medical advice or treatment.