When you choose Karmameju



Each bullet point above is described below. The essence of Karmameju is the integrity of each product. We want you to know exactly why you’re choosing Karmameju


/ Clinically-proven ingredients

We use the finest selection of clinically-proven ingredients in Karmameju’s skincare – this is the consumer’s guarantee of optimal effect and visible results. We always use these exclusive ingredients in the dose documented – and often higher.

For example, in our face cream, we have increased the content of our hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid to double the amount documented in the in vivo* test, because we want the customer to achieve impressive results from using Karmameju’s products.

An in vivo test measures the effect on the skin based on a number of different parameters. It measures, for example, whether the ingredient raises moisture levels, reduces redness, smoothes fine lines, is hyaluron-stimulating, collagen-stimulating, antimicrobial and protects against pollution, and so on.

*In vivo (Latin: in life) is a term used in biology and medicine referring to experiments carried out on a living organism. In Karmameju’s case, on human skin.


/ Natural art perfumery

The scents you enjoy in Karmameju’s skincare range are always 100% natural with both skin-improving and holistic benefits. The Karmameju fragrances have been developed in collaboration between Mette Skjærbæk and our two primary production sites: at our British perfumery and laboratory in England, and at our organic ingredients producer and laboratory in Italy.

We love fragrance, and that’s why Karmameju Skincare is an aromatherapeutic skincare range. For us, the choice between synthetic perfumes and natural fragrances is simple. We choose precious, dynamic and natural fragrances for our skincare over inactive synthetic aroma molecules manufactured in a laboratory. We trust nature and wish to pass on the many benefits offered by natural fragrances to the consumer.

Our fragrances are blended in synergy, where the different aromas enhance one another to produce a unique combined effect. Each fragrance is based on the base, middle and top notes in perfumery, as the combination makes for a deep, intoxicating and complete fragrance experience.

/ Pure & natural products

We use nature’s abundance of dynamic ingredients in Karmameju Skincare. An ingredient such as organic Shea Butter is in its natural form when used in a product. It is ingredients such as Shea Butter that we are talking about when we refer to the ingredients as natural.

Other active ingredients, such as Vitamin E, need a carrier - i.e. something to carry them in. When we write that Karmameju’s skincare is pure, this is what we are talking about. To carry Vitamin E, we have chosen an ingredient supplier who uses sunflower oil as a carrier oil.

It is often a challenge to find active ingredients that are carried in natural ingredients, as phenoxyethanol, synthetic glycol, is often used, among others. Ingredients we do not wish to use in Karmameju’s skincare. And we never compromise.

By making smaller quantities, we can maintain fresh products without high doses of preservatives. We develop our formulas in a way that naturally minimizes the need for preservatives, emulsifiers and surfactants. These do not have a beneficial effect on the skin as such, but are functional ingredients to make a formula perform well and to be stable.

We want the consumers to know exactly what is in our products. Therefore, each and every ingredient in the products is listed here on the website, in the drop down menu under each product. Our skincare range contains pure, natural, active ingredients of the highest quality, and our most important commitment is that we never use CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic).

We never use ingredients where science has questioned whether they can be harmful to our health. When carefully selecting our ingredients, we focus on quality and all our ingredients are purchased from suppliers whom we deeply trust.

/ High content of active ingredients

It is a key matter to Karmameju to use a high content of active ingredients. This goes for both the clinically-proven ingredients we use and the many other dynamic bioactives used in Karmameju Skincare.

Skincare is a question of trust in every way. The consumer shows trust in the manufacturers whenever they choose to buy a product, and it is essential for us always to live up to this valuable trust. We encourage consumers to ask questions about the products they buy and learn to read ingredient lists. In doing so, they can find out what’s in the product concerned.

The list of active ingredients in Karmameju’s products is long. Under each product, you can click on the drop down ACTIVE INGREDIENTS menu and read about all the exclusive ingredients and their properties.

/ Aromatherapeutic effect

Aromatherapy is an essential and important part of Karmameju’s DNA. We work with aromatherapy because the exquisite, exclusive scents have a unique and holistic effect that both affects our mental well-being and improves the condition of the skin.

Essential oils are the foundation of aromatherapy. The oils are extremely effective and incredibly concentrated with a highly complex chemistry as each oil consists of hundreds of unique compounds. Aromatherapy works through the skin thanks to its small molecular size. This way, the skin is able to absorb nature’s potent plant extracts which help promote balance, harmony and regeneration.

In the world of medicine, essential oils have been used for centuries to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. They stimulate the nerves and aid tissue repair. They promote harmony and balance and can create a particular feeling or mood. The oils can affect our state of mind as they can make us more positive, relaxed, energetic, focused and much more besides.

Read more about Karmameju’s Aromatherapy here It will give you a deeper understanding of the fine, precious and effective aromatherapy.