My best ideas on how to make it easier

Most people who have had to put on sunscreen on children know the phrase all too well: I don’t want sunscreen on! They twist and turn, will not stand still and yes, sometimes they shout and scream. The dear little ones. And I do understand why. Most children are not used to getting sunscreen on their whole body and face in everyday life. Also, they have difficulty standing still.


As a mother, aunt and mother's friend, I have had many children in my sunscreen-filled hands, and therefore I felt like sharing my best ideas on how to make the situation easier. Based on that, we have created SUNSCREEN LOVE ROUTINE – the loving application of sunscreen for you and your child.



It requires a little extra of you, in the moment with your child, when sunscreen with mineral filters needs to be applied. But remember that touching the skin releases happy hormones in the brain so the time is well spent.


- Create a comfortable atmosphere at home before you and your child go out in the sun. Make sure the room has a pleasant temperature, so it feels nice to be naked. Place a towel so your child can sit or stand softly.

- Have your child's favorite entertainment ready: A book, toys, a screen or music you can sing along to - maybe together you can choose a regular fun sunscreen song.

- Start your SUNSCREEN LOVE ROUTINE by applying a light layer of moisturising body lotion, body oil or PRE- & AFTER SUN on your child's skin to make the sunscreen easier to apply. Always warm it up between your hands first so that it does not feel cold on the skin. 

- Melt KIDS SUN LOTION between your hands so it is warmed up and softened before it gets on the skin.

- Start with the feet and move up slowly towards the face, one part of the body at a time, with warm palms to get around thoroughly and apply the sunscreen well while you sing, play or maybe just in blissful silence while your child enjoys watching something on the screen.

If it's an impossible day, close your eyes and remind yourself of the great favour you are doing your child by protecting it in the sun. Maybe use our ‘Let it shine on your little ones’ poem as an uplifting mantra for your SUNSCREEN LOVE ROUTINE.

- Finally apply the sunscreen on the child's face, neck and ears by standing behind the child and applying the sunscreen “backwards” towards the ears. It feels nicer than forwards or up and down and around.

- Reward your sun kid with a tickling session, loving praise or something else, so that the child experiences that it was actually quite nice to get sunscreen on. It will be remembered when you are back at it the next day.

Do you have tips to make it a good time, feel free to share it with us, so we can add it to this article and others can benefit from your good experiences.

All the best to you and your lovely sun kids

In Karmameju SUN we use mineral sun filters, also called the physical sun filters. They take a little longer to apply than chemical sunscreens and nano-sunscreens, but we think in every way it's worth the minutes. Read more about how to apply the naturally derived, mineral sun filters easily, in the article: How to apply Karmameju SUN easily.