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ACTIVATE scalp brush

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ACTIVATE scalp brush purify, exfoliate and stimulate the skin on your scalp. Massage in wet or dry hair to promote hair growth and to prevent hair loss. Read more

Dry- or wet brushing with ACTIVATE scalp brush is a natural way to ensure the best conditions for a healthy scalp and thereby achieve lustrous hair and a balanced dandruff-free scalp.

ACTIVATE brushes vitality into the scalp, removes build-up from dead skin cells, excess sebum, pollution, styling products and dirt. It helps clear the way for oxygenated hair follicles and strengthened hair strands all the while the massaging movements itself can help relieve muscle tension and headaches.

Scalp brushing with Karmameju scalp brush is suitable for both adults and children and for all types of hair. Normal, dry as well as an oily scalp can benefit from the stimulating action from ACTIVATE.

Gentle massage of pressure points and scalp massage help increase blood circulation, which is an important element in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Regular exfoliating massage of the scalp also helps reduce dandruff and dryness naturally.

Read more about how to use your new indispensable beauty tool for the scalp in the drop-down menu Directions.

Looking for inspirational hair care rituals? Get the best hair tricks from Karmameju’s Founder Mette Skjærbæk in the blog article ’20 hair tips’.

  • Use in dry, damp or wet hair for 2-3 minutes. Avoid large circular movements to reduce tangling.
  • In wet hair: Apply shampoo, conditioner or treatment. Gently press and massage the scalp in circular and/or zig zag motion across the entire scalp, paying extra attention to areas where you wish to stimulate hair growth.
  • In dry or damp hair: Brush hair thoroughly with a regular hairbrush. Gently press and massage the scalp in circular and/or zig zag motion across the entire scalp, paying extra attention to areas where you wish to stimulate hair growth. If needed, use together with HERO pH solution 02 on the scalp after washing the hair.
  • For at loving scalp treat: Massage nourishing oil into the scalp with your fingertips and leave for 30 minutes. Massage as per directions above. Oil dissolves grease and dirt in the scalp.
  • For styling: Add styling product to the hair, and gently massage the scalp as per directions above, to increase volume and add a lift to the roots of the hair.


Wash ACTIVATE with a mild shampoo. Hang to dry, away from direct heat.  

CAUTION: A slight flush to the skin is normal. Take care not to massage too hard and avoid irritated, sensitive or broken skin, taking extra caution around raised moles or abrasions. Keep away from children and animals. 

Karmameju scalp brush is a beauty tool made of soft, hygienic silicone, a type of plastic that has a natural softness, making it unnecessary to use chemicals such as phthalates. The material can withstand high temperatures and can therefore be scalded in boiling water when cleaning, if needed. 

ACTIVATE is molded in a shape and color that is suitable to both women, men and children and without the traditional air hole, which makes the brush more hygienic and durable.

/ Boosts circulation in the scalp.

/ Promotes hair growth and helps prevent hair loss.

/ Removes build-up from styling products and dirt.

/ Fights dandruff and dryness. Can help alleviate cradle cap and seborrheic dermatitis. 

/ Soothes tension in the scalp. 

/ Efficient brush with ideal hardness customized scalp needs. 

/ Without air hole and therefore hygienic for use with water, soap and other hair care.

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