Karmameju's face cleansers are must-haves for daily skincare. We provide face cleansers for all skin types: dry, oily, combination and sensitive, and we also have perfume-free cleansers for all skin types.

Face cleansers for multiple needs - all year round

Your face cleanser and cleansing routine are essential to how your skin looks and feels. That's why it's important to choose a cleanser that suits your skin's needs. Your skin should be cleansed in line with its natural functions and seasonal changes, so remember to check in with your skin whenever there are changes - inside and out. Maybe that facial cleanser you used in the winter which gave you extra nourishment and hydration doesn't quite suit your skin in the summer, when your skin may need a deeper cleanse after long days with SPF.

By considering how you cleanse your skin and which cleansing products you use, you're doing the fundamental work to maintain well-balanced, flexible and resilient skin. Read more about how to choose the right face cleanser here.

Find the right face cleanser for your skin - how to choose the right cleanser

MUSE cleansing balm A balancing, oil-based cleanser with moisturising plant oils that deliver hydration and glow. For normal, dry, dull or mature skin.

NOW micellar foam A natural, soap-free cleansing foam, for daily use for combination/oily skin and as a deeper weekly cleanse for all skin types.

DAZE cleansing lotion A gentle, purifying cleansing lotion with soothing and nurturing benefits. For all skin types, especially beneficial for sensitive, dry or stressed skin.

STAR 3-in-1 micellar water A perfume-free face cleanser with organic ingredients. Easy cleansing product, makeup remover and toner in one. Leave-on makes this face cleanser ideal for traveling and on the go. For all skin types, including sensitive skin and delicate eye areas.

Read more about how to choose the right facial cleanser here.

Why cleansing your skin is important

We recommend cleansing the skin thoroughly every evening. If you use make-up or sun protection, double cleansing may be necessary. Oily skin may need cleansing in the morning as well, but a morning routine with a konjac sponge or micellar water is often enough for most skin types. Make-up, dirt and impurities from pollution should be gently and effectively removed from the skin's surface. Dull, sensitive or irritated skin may be caused by a non-existent or incorrect cleansing routine.

A thorough massaging cleanse before bedtime allows the skin to regenerate optimally while we sleep. Both the cleansing and the nourishing products applied help to improve the skin during the active hours of the night. Don't skip cleansing - it's essential for skin health, flexibility and glow.

Happy cleansing!

MUSE cleansing balm 01 MUSE cleansing balm 01

MUSE cleansing balm 01

80 ml
459 kr
NOW micellar foam 03 NOW micellar foam 03
Karmameju Skincare / Face cleansing

NOW micellar foam 03

150 ml.
339 kr
STAR micellar water 02 STAR micellar water 02
SOOTHE / All skin types

STAR micellar water 02

200 ml
299 kr
STAR micellar water - travel size STAR micellar water - travel size
SOOTHE / All skin types

STAR micellar water - travel size

50 ml
149 kr
DAZE cleansing lotion 02 DAZE cleansing lotion 02
SOOTHE / Sensitive skin

DAZE cleansing lotion 02

200 ml
379 kr
Cleansing the skin is a lovely time-out, if it is made into a ritual, rather than a daily duty.

Cleanse face, neck and décolletage 
morning and evening every day. 

A thorough evening cleanse, a facial massage
and the products applied afterwards, optimise
the skin’s regenerative work in the healing night hours.

MUSE ritual kit MUSE ritual kit
Karmameju Skincare

MUSE ritual kit

2 pc.
532 kr 627 kr
HOME SPA - muslin cloth HOME SPA - muslin cloth
Karmameju Skincare

HOME SPA - muslin cloth

3 pcs.
142 kr

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