Did your clothes get sun stained after a day in the sun?

We have the solution to how you wash them off. We have tested several methods on how to remove sun stains from the clothes. And we are thrilled to let you know, that we have found a method that works! These washing directions removes any signs of sun stains coming from Karmameju’s sunscreens.

We have tested the method on different types of white textiles with Karmameju SUN stains, which is based on the physical, mineral sun filter Titanium Dioxide. And the result is: Karmameju SUN doesn't make yellow stains! But accidents happen. And this method described below removes all stains from the clothes made with Karmameju’s sunscreen.


- Wet the stains with a generous amount of liquid Neutral Colour+ detergent.

- Store the clothes in a closed plastic bag overnight.

- The day after, wash the clothes as usual at a minimum of 40 degrees Celsius.

    Avoid detergents that contain bleach or optical white, as these are said to make the stains more difficult to remove. Alternatively, if the stains are stubborn, you can wet the stains with soft soap, put the clothes in a closed plastic bag overnight, and then wash the clothes at 60 degrees Celsius.

    CAUTION: Always wash your clothes according to the directions found in the clothes. If the clothes are washed at higher degrees than recommended, there is a risk that the clothes can be damaged. Karmameju does not recommend using the method described above on delicate textiles that are recommended to be washed at no more than 30 degrees Celsius.

    However, our experience is that clothes with sun stains are often in a condition in which the clothes will no longer be used or worn. If you are planning on getting rid of the clothes anyways, you may be lucky to save it by using the method.

    Avoid sun stains on your clothes

    It can be difficult to avoid sun stains on the clothes completely, as the sunscreen will often wear off when we sweat. You can minimize the risk of sun stains by letting the sunscreen dry on the skin before getting dressed. Avoid wearing tight clothes as well as clothes in delicate materials that cannot be washed at more than 30 degrees Celsius.