The skin’s food

Skincare is the “food” we feed our skin from the outside. Leave-on products in particular, which stay on the skin all day, are absorbed by the body, and a fairly high percentage of the product makes its way through the body’s cleansing organs before it’s out of our system. 

Skincare from the inside is every bit as important as the protective, stimulating and softening skincare from the outside, and what’s good for our skin is also good for our body. Skincare from the inside is essential for healthy, beautiful skin.

What is skinfood?

Skinfood is basically unprocessed food. An easy way to remember it is that food that looks like it did when nature created it is “real food”.

So, as a simple example, you’re better off eating five potatoes than a bag of crisps.

Almost everything nature creates contains important nutrients for us humans. When I shop, I try to ensure that the majority of the food I put in the trolley is food that looks like it did when nature created it.

I once saw a quote that sums it up perfectly for me. It’s by the American doctor David Katz and it goes:




This makes sense to me. I live quite freely when it comes to my diet, but I like the 80/20 balance. Read more about it here

Easy and nourishing

I am a big fan of making health easy, especially for my children – and that’s how the Skinfood smoothie concept came about at our place.

Smoothies are an easy source of healthy nutrition for the body and skin, and I have written an article about this here. In this article, you will also find our “smoothie inspiration leaflet” in pdf format, so it’s easy to print out and hang on the fridge for inspiration in the beginning.

However, the most important thing you can give your skin and body is water; hydration of the skin! At Karmameju, we’re really passionate about this – read more about it here.

All the best

Mette Skjærbæk