Wake your skin from Winter hibernation with a springtime transition in your skincare regime.

The bright new season calls to refresh and rethink your trusted skincare basics - stick to the tried and trusted routine, but tweak the layers and textures to adapt sunnier days and higher humidity levels. Here’s our top advice for welcoming the Spring skin transition.


- Spring clean your skincare shelf. Clean brushes, check expiration dates on all your products and make-up, wipe off bottles and jars, make space for change and new beginnings. Opt for a soapless shampoo or TINY dry brush cleanser to clean your brushes.

- Maybe do the same in your wardrobe? The “second layer” of skin. Pass on clothes that does not feel comfortable on your body, or that does not make you feel your best.

 - Air out your home daily, shake your duvets, blankets and pillows – make space for new fresh energy. 

- Shed what no longer serves by buffing away dry winter skin with daily dry brushing, and weekly scrubs and face masks for healthy and radiant spring skin.


- Cleanse deep or go for a double cleanse with your favorite cleansing products, especially after long days of wearing sun protection to avoid your pores from clogging. Try MUSE cleansing balm, a balancing oil-based cleanser with moisturising plant oils, or DAZE cleansing lotion, a gentle, purifying cleansing lotion with soothing and nurturing benefits. Both ideal for daily cleansing.

- Exercise to get the pulse up and the sweat running - be it running or dancing, your body and energy loves any kind of movement.  Exercise helps encourage circulation, blood flow and glow. It opens the pores that naturally flush out toxins, expel dirt and sebum, like a cleansing mini-facial. Find more inspiration in our article DO YOU move?

 - As temperatures rise so can the skin’s oil production. Keep the skin hydrated and moisturised without weighing it down by shifting to a lighter cream or taking a summer break from face oil. Feel your way and check in with your skin  when summer is the season we’re in. 

- Soak up the light! So important for our mental wellbeing. Leave the sun glasses at home sometimes, giving way for the essential light to hit the retina of the eye. Read more in our article How daylight affects us.

- Make close friends with your face mists to help the skin retain moisture, cool down and help eliminate excessive sweating during the day.


- Shield from sun exposure and invest in long term skin health with everyday sunscreen and extra focus on applying essential antioxidants. Karmameju SUN PRE- & AFTER SUN serum-lotion, SUN face creams and BB creams are hyaluronic- and antioxidant-rich and can replace, or be layered with, your daily serum and day cream. Read our Aftersun hydration ritual here.

- Spring and summer means warmer temperatures, and additional need for focus on body hydration. Listen closely to what your body needs.  

- Support the skin from within with nutritious hydrating fruit and veggies, waters and vibrant sunshine smoothies. Find your favorite recipe for spring glow by diving into our pool of Skinfood Inspiration.