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TINY dry brush cleansing tool

€13 1 pc.
Take care of your Karmameju dry brushes with TINY, which effectively removes dirt and skin cells. Read more


TINY cleansing tool effectively removes dirt and skin cells from Karmameju dry brushes. 

TINY is designed to be used as a daily cleaning of BUFF natural body brush and RENEW face brush as an addition to the weekly/monthly wash with soap. TINY is the primary method of cleaning the non-washable RECHARGE ionic body brush.

After every dry brushing, thoroughly cleanse your dry brush with TINY cleansing tool to release and remove skin particles from the bristles of your dry brush. 

Ensure the longevity of your dry brushes and continuously improve hygiene when dry brushing.

Use TINY like a comb to brush through the bristles of your dry brush in vertical and horizontal directions.

Make sure you reach the wooden base, where the bristles are connected to the wood. 

If you prefer, clean your brush outside in fresh air or in a space where you can easily remove the dusty dead skin cells after maintenance. 

End by tapping the brush hard on a clean and even surface to ensure all dirt and skin particles are released from the brush.


Wash the bristles on TINY in warm water with a mild soap every week. Pat dry with a towel and complete drying away from direct heat. Ensure the bristles are pointing down whilst drying to protect the wood.  

See general maintenance for our face and body brushes on their specific product pages. 

Caution Only for cleansing other brushes. Do not brush skin with TINY dry brush cleansing tool. Loose bristles may occur. Do not soak the wood in water as it may crack.

TINY is made in Germany with sustainably sourced beech wood and nylon bristles. The TINY box is made from FSC certified paper. The FSC certification ensures responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


/ Cleanses Karmameju’s dry brushes BUFF, RENEW and the non-washable RECHARGE.

/ Efficiently removes dirt and dead skin cells

/ Designed for everyday use and for weekly/monthly maintenance

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