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STORYTELLER Eau de Toilette

€53 50 ml
Fresh, green and light with invigorating citruses, summery herbaceous flowers and deep dry woods.Experience the volatile fragrances of nature unfold and let the story begin.

- Aromatherapeutic eau de toilette

- Uplifting, light and citrus-sweet

- Fresh and green fragrance

- Created with natural essential oils and floral hydrolates

STORYTELLER is a bright, positive, and enchanting aromatherapeutic blend of invigorating citruses fused with earthy, herbaceous flowers and grounding, dry wood notes in a fresh, green perfume master blend. 

Through the universal language of scent, STORYTELLER unfolds as a gentle love letter, evoking joyful stories from the past while uplifting and calming the present. Composed of three aromatherapeutic layers for a complete scent experience, STORYTELLER is created by Karmameju in collaboration with our English aromatherapist and master perfumer.

Experience the fleeting scents of nature unfold with a perfume crafted amidst the enchanting biodiversity, rose fields, bees and breathtaking fauna and flora of the English countryside. A broadly appealing unisex scent that captivates both men and women in its enchanting embrace.


STORYTELLER is created as a symbol and celebration of Karmameju’s 25th anniversary and our love for nature and encapsulating its essense in a bottle.

Karmamejus collection of aromatherapeutic perfumes honour the heritage of ancient, natural perfumery.

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Do you wish to get a deeper understanding of the perfume’s composition and fragrance notes?

Read about STORYTELLERS's top, middle and bottom notes in the drop-down menu

Top notes / The first impression of the fragrance is as light as sunshine with clear, aphrodisiac citrus notes from Clementine and Orange, bringing freshness, positivity, and joy. Combined with distinctive green notes from the earthy Angelica Root, drawing parallels to the roots of the forest floor.

Middle notes - the heart of the perfume / The heart notes evoke a sense of loving care, leading our minds from the labyrinth of thoughts to the depths of the heart. In this layer of fragrance, the soothing Chamomile, the magnetic Neroli, the heart-opening energy of Linden Blossom and notes of delicate Violet blend in a symphony of earthy sweetness and welcoming tranquility.

Base note / The serene base of woody notes adds richness, warmth, elegance and depth to the perfume. A grounded composition of Cedarwood, interpreting the scents of the forest, combined with the Japanese Cypress, Hinoki, whose complex aroma evokes memories of crackling paper, fresh air, dry wood, fresh linen, pine needles and subtle citrus.

To encapsulate the symphony in STORYTELLER Eau de Toilette, we have added hydrosol of Clary Sage, known to evoke clarity and calmness, alleviate anxiety and simultaneously stimulate libido in both men and women. A sweet, purple-flowering herb known as 'woman's oil' in medicinal aromatherapy due to its properties for enhancing women's overall health.

STORYTELLER Eau de Toilette - a fresh and green scent.

Uplifting, light and green. Fragrance notes from the fresh fragrance family can evoke thoughts of the cool breeze of the sea, the sun's rays on warm skin, or the scent of freshly picked citrus fruits. Light and airy summer scents in Eau de Toilette version are often found in this fragrance family - hence STORYTELLER was created within this vibrant, light and clean fragrance family.

However, STORYTELLER is a complex composition of nature's many treasures, spanning from the citrus-fresh, the green, the herbal, earthy notes and dry wood notes. It is a signature of Karmameju's perfumes; they are all complex scent journeys, developed to explore and awaken emotions and memories.

Spray the perfume on skin, hair or clothing. You can either choose to spray the perfume on the body's pulse points; elbow joints, wrists, back of the knees, and behind the ears, or you can spray a fan of perfume in the air and 'walk into the cloud', gently letting the fragrance fall on your skin. ...Or do as Coco Chanel said “spray your perfume where you want to be kissed.”

Ideally, perfume develops best on undisturbed skin, i.e. avoid rubbing wrists against each other and spray your perfume on bare skin before getting dressed. Wait 20-30 seconds to let the scent develop on your warm skin. A perfume is like a bouquet of flowers that needs to unfold, so if you have time, let the perfume rest on your bare skin for approx. 10 minutes before you get dressed to let it develop its full potential.

No two people have the same body chemistry and in the patient waiting game, you will meet you and the fragrances true, harmonious identity.

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Caution In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. Skin test advisable. Seek professional advice during pregnancy and breastfeeding when using essential oils. Not for consumption. For external use only. Do not use on broken skin. Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Keep away from fire.

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