Karmameju's body oils are formulated with nourishing and easily absorbed plant oils and extracts that hydrate and protect dry skin. All three body oils contain Vitamin E, organic extra virgin Olive Oil and Almond Oil, which protects against free radicals and helps to improve skin elasticity.

Using nourishing plant oils retains hydration in the skin, keeping it flexible and soft. The golden drops in our three body oils bring a glow to dry skin. These pure and vegan plant oils are combined with exclusive essential oils from exotic flowers, woods and spices that have a stimulating and regenerating effect on both the skin and the senses.

All three body oils are suitable for all skin types - delicate, sensitive and normal skin.

Body oils with sensory aromatherapy

Try all three variants of our hydrating body oils and find your aromatherapeutic favorite. Each with its individual aromatherapeutic purpose, HOPE, MILD and WILD allows you to explore what fragrances can do for your mood and wellbeing. Use the set as a 'toolbox for the emotions' and choose which oil you want to start or end your day with - loving, calming or energising?

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How to use the body oil?

- Prepare your skin by giving it a body scrub to allow the hydrating plant oils to soak deeper into the skin.

- Warm the oil between your hands, take your hands to the nose and inhale the fragrance deeply.

- To hydrate, nourish and maintain healthy skin, apply daily to the entire body.

- Use warm body oil for a therapeutic calming massage ritual. Get inspired by our massage ritual with warm oils. 

- Add to warm water for a luxurious and nourishing bath.

- Use as a shaving oil for an ultra-smooth shave.

- Our body oils are beneficial as a stimulating and nurturing scalp- or hair treatment.

Which body oil should I choose?

HOPE body oil is a feminine, uplifting body oil developed to restore dry skin. The natural aromatherapy in HOPE body oil is a combination of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver and Jasmine which promotes optimism, self-confidence, sensuality and a sense of hope. Among other ingredients, around 300 roses go into every 200 ml of HOPE body oil. This promotes an intense renewing and revitalising effect on the skin.

MILD body oil is a nourishing, calming body oil developed to nurture and protect all skin types – dry and sensitive skin will particularly benefit from MILD’s soothing blend. The aromatherapeutic blend of Lavender, Calendula Flower, Chamomile, Linden Flower and Benzoin soothes, de-stresses and eases the mind. MILD body oil takes you to the scenic lavender fields of France.

WILD body oil is a blend of dynamic, antimicrobial essential oils extracted from fresh citrus fruits, mint and flowers that will kick-start your day. WILD is ideal for a stimulating, aromatherapeutic massage. The aromatherapeutic blend of Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Orange, May Chang, Lemongrass and Patchouli oils promotes energy, clarity, joy, presence and vigour. Reap the benefits of the revitalising aromas in WILD to relieve tiredness and boost your energy levels.

HOPE body oil HOPE body oil
VITALIZE / Therapeutic

HOPE body oil

200 ml
MILD body oil MILD body oil
NURTURE / Therapeutic

MILD body oil

200 ml
WILD body oil WILD body oil
ENERGIZE / Therapeutic

WILD body oil

200 ml

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