Karmameju’s DNA is a first-class range of aromatherapeutic skincare products from Copenhagen, Denmark. We develop pure, natural and active skincare for the face and body with clinically-proven ingredients and mind-blowing fragrances.

We are passionate about improving and strengthening your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It must be kept active and healthy, and it must be looked after, nurtured and stimulated both inside and out. Our product development is always driven by the wish to improve your skin and to inspire you to embrace skincare rituals that you will love. And self-care that will make your everyday life just that little bit better.

Karmameju Skincare is based on nature’s ingredients. The formulations are a hybrid of natural, dynamic bioactives and clinically-proven, high performance age-defence extracts.

All products have been developed in collaboration between Mette Skjærbæk and our two primary production sites: at our British perfumery and laboratory in England, and at our organic ingredients supplier and laboratory in Italy.

Karmameju was founded by Danish Mette Skjærbæk.

What started out as a good idea in New York has grown into a recognized brand, characterized by visible results, quality, honesty and the greatest respect for human beings.

“I have been intrigued by natural health from a very young age. At 16, my modelling career began, which took me to all corners of the globe and to the biggest metropolises. Ten years later, I returned to lovely Denmark very much wiser about skincare and health, and with the desire to create the skincare range I couldn’t find on the market: skincare that is not only natural but that also creates results.

Karmameju reflects my love of natural beauty, health, positive thinking and the art of natural perfumery. Ten inspiring years in the beauty and fashion industries and a “Bachelor of Science in natural health” during my six years in New York were my key inspiration to establish Karmameju in Copenhagen in 1999. My dream was to “redefine wellness” based on the belief that there is NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH.

I am convinced that beauty is achieved through health and good skincare routines. Given the right conditions, your body and skin have an innate ability to care for themselves.

Thank you for your support, trust and dedication to Karmameju. That means so much to me.”

- Mette Skjærbæk, Founder & Creative Director, Instagram @mette_s_karmameju


Our WE USE symbol highlights a small selection of the many active ingredients we choose to use in Karmameju Skincare. As consumers, we must fight to ensure – and expect – that skincare does not have adverse effects on our bodies. We never use ingredients where scientific studies have questioned whether they may be harmful to our health.

Exclusive, natural ingredients and natural fragrances are a lot more expensive than synthetic ingredients created in a laboratory, but for us the choice is simple: The product must be pure, natural and active – organic where possible. The effective fragrances in the skincare range are 100% natural, and due to the high content of active ingredients, the products visibly improve your skin.

“Skincare must be considered as skinfood; absorbed by the body and assimilated by the organs. Natural, effective, aromatherapeutic skincare is my
skinfood of choice”.
- Mette Skjærbæk

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