DEVOTE hair brush

€27 1 pc.
Gentle, stimulating and vegan hairbrush in beechwood with Karmameju’s signature curved grip. Read more

- Gentle on the hair strands

- Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp

- Removes dirt and product residue

- Karmameju's signature curved grip

DEVOTE is a devotion to the ancient ritual of hair brushing and the end of the myth of one hundred strokes. A stimulating hair brush that takes care of your hair and scalp with a few strokes. 

DEVOTE hair brush is designed in FSC-certified beechwood with Karmameju’s signature curved grip, offering a comfortable handle, while the soft cushion of the brush head lets the wooden bristles glide gently through the hair. The hair is gently untangled, while the scalp is stimulated. The wooden tips on DEVOTE’s brushes help to increase blood flow and loosen dirt and product residues in the scalp and around the hair follicle. 

Wood is a beautiful natural material known to have many benefits for hair. The hair brush easily distributes the natural scalp oils throughout the hair, giving it a beautiful shine, while also helping the hair not to become static and frizzy. Wood is also known to be gentle on the hair, which minimizes the risk of broken strands.

Read article “20 hair tips” to get all our best tips and tricks for hair and scalp in balance.

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- Regularly brush your hair thoroughly - try to make brushing your hair a daily mini-ritual. Use the few minutes it takes to brush your hair to turn your focus inward and take some deep breaths.

- It is healthy for the scalp to be massaged and stimulated by soft brushes. It's like dry brushing the body. It removes dead skin and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which is an important element in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Regular exfoliating scalp massages also help reduce dandruff and dryness naturally.

- To avoid split ends, you should always brush wet or dry hair in small sections from the ends of the hair, working your way up towards the scalp and finishing with a thorough brushing through the hair and scalp.

- Brush according to hair type: If you have straight hair, we recommend that you avoid brushing it while it is wet. The straight hairs offer no resistance when the brush slides through it, and in the vulnerable wet state, there is therefore a greater risk of breaking the hairs. It's a different matter with curly hair, which with its coarser texture will benefit from brushing while the hair is wet.

Note Do not brush irritated or damaged skin. Be extra careful around moles that bulge out. Keep out of reach of babies and animals.

- Created from FSC-certified beech wood.

- Gentle on the hair strands.

- Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

- Karmameju's signature curved grip.

- Dissolves dirt and product residues in the scalp and around the hair follicle.

- Brush including wooden tips in FSC-certified beech wood 

- FSC-certified packaging

- Vegan

- Remove hair, dirt and styling residue from the base of the brush head.

- Clean the wooden brushes with a damp cloth. Allow the brush to dry without direct contact with heat with the bristles facing down.

- Oil the wood at regular intervals.

- Do not use boiling water to clean the brush.

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