25 minutes sleep well ritual

A recipe for evening spa.

/ Set the mood with your favorite aroma; incense stick, scent diffuser or scented candle and bring a cup of warm tea to the bathroom.

/ Turn your preferred relaxing playlist on from ‘Karmameju Skincare’ on Spotify.

/ Greet yourself good evening in the mirror and say something kind to yourself. It is such a powerful message to your heart. 

/ If wearing makeup, remove it with STAR micellar water. 

/ Massage DAZE cleansing lotion onto face and décolletage to soothe, nourish and clean.

/ Leave DAZE on the skin as a face mask to nurture the skin for a few minutes while you do your nails; clipping, filing or buffing. 

/ Cleanse off DAZE with our exfoliating konjac sponge to gently exfoliate and promote circulation. 

/ Spritz with KISS face mist to hydrate and calm your senses. Stand still for a moment, eyes closed.

/ Now apply our soft balancing DREAM creamy clay mask to contract pores and reduce redness while enjoying the soothing and tranquil experience of nourishing organic Coconut and Shea butter on the skin.

/ Let the face mask sit for 5-10 min while sipping your tea. Gently move to the music and tell yourself it is soon time for sleep. Imagine how you are sleeping peacefully.

/ Massage away tension with ACTIVATE scalp brush in small circular movements.

/ Take a relaxing shower or bath: Apply NOVA salt body scrub to dry skin, before turning on the water. Use your hands in circular movements to scrub the salt and oils onto the skin to exfoliate, detox, nourish and soften dry skin. The oils from our scrub will help protect the skin from the drying effect of the alkaline water. Breathe deeply to take in the calming fragrance. 

/ Rinse off the salt scrub and remove the DREAM face mask with a muslin cloth. Always avoid too much water on the face, as it dries out the skin. 

/ Wash hair if needed. Lift up and down on the soles of your feet, to release the muscles in the ankles. 

/ The oils from the salt scrub will have nourished your skin, for extra intense hydration, apply PEACE body lotion.

/ Give yourself a 2 minutes tense-releasing face massage with HEAL face oil. Slowly feel your way around muscles and areas that need nurture and care. Finalise with layering the nighttime skincare products ideal for your skin type.

/ Time to brush your teeth and say a heartfelt good night to yourself in the mirror. 

/ Put on our soft MOUNT EVERST bathrobe. Sit on your bed and end the day with our multifunctional companion CALM balm. Warm the balm between your hands and inhale the aromatherapeutic fragrances. Let the calming fragrance of Roman Chamomile and Lavender, relax your senses in 4 stress releasing breaths.


Stress releasing breathing exercise

Deeply breathe in through the nose while you count to 4, hold your breath on a count to 4, then slowly breathe out through the mouth on a count to 4. Repeat 4 times to help release tension in the nervous system.


/ Massage CALM balm on your hands and feet as a nourishing night ritual for dry skin and fragile nails. Press the remaining product from your palms, onto your face, as a moisture retaining night mask.

/ Use KISS face mist as a soothing pillow spray to end the ritual on a dreamy lavender note.

Sleep well…

What you need*/ 

    & the Spotify music app. Listen to Karmameju's playlists here.

    *All products are only a recommendation. Other similar products or products more suited for your skin can be used instead.