Meet Amalie Reedtz-Thott, Mother Nature Nurse, Founder of Nurture Vitaviva and mother of two - a woman we feel inspired by because of her holistic view on life. Amalie has a background as a nurse, and has real-life experience with stress influencing body and mind. Amalie is the Founder of Nurture Vitaviva and has developed a range of mindful supplements which supports the body when life moves a little too fast. With a special love for meditation, yoga, breathwork, movements and consistency in life in the form of rituals, we have asked Amalie about her daily ritual. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself...

My name is Amalie, I am 29 years old and mother of two girls. I love being in nature - it gives me a special feeling of collectiveness to something bigger. Nature is in constant flux, and that I feel comforted by a lot.

What does your morning ritual look like? 

I wake up, drink a large glass of lukewarm water (cold and boiled water mixed), followed by my warm cup of tea while dressing my daughters, and then we all eat breakfast. When the big one is out of the door, I dry brush my entire body, take a shower, followed by 30 squats and 5 mins of breathing exercises or meditation. After that, I typically go out for a morning walk in the fresh air without doing anything work-related like calling or texting - at most listen to a podcast or music. 


What does your skincare routine consists of?

I dry brush every morning - I have done that for 6 years. After that I use MILD body oil or HOPE body oil which I love the smell of. I love anything that smells heavenly - I am a taurus, you know. I started dry brushing back when I lived in London. I struggled with my thighs and lower legs often swelling up and I was advised to start dry brushing and haven't felt it since. In addition, it also has the effect that you can feel your whole body vibrate and become "alive", and that feeling you become addicted to. I always wash my face with ice cold water and I only cleanse in the evening with a gentle cleanser. I love putting CALM balm on my hands, especially during the cold months, and I love it on cheeks and eyelids for shine.

When do you feel most comfortable?

When I follow my routines that I love and appreciate, and when I listen to myself and my needs.


When do you feel healthy?

For me, health is good and nutritious food, my meditation and breath work practice, my daily walks with the stroller where I get fresh air and sun in my eyes, and my vitamins are all a big part of my daily routine, and just whatever feels good - for example a glass of cold white wine. This balance is essential for my health.

 How do you make sure to check in with yourself? 

In everyday life with two children, it really is a big priority for me to check in with myself and something that is just as important as brushing my teeth. It always has a consequence when I deprioritize it. Anything between 3-30 min. can do it for me. In the mornings, it is the best time for me to check in with myself. I alternate between 5 min. meditations or 5 min. breath work. For me, this is the most important thing, because it gives my body and my head a break to gather thoughts, to feel myself and where I am right now and not just rush through life. You have to treat yourself as the most important thing in your life. It makes me a better mother, wife and friend when I prioritize myself.


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