Layers are for fall. Shedding them are for summer. 

Both in terms of clothes but also your face routine. 

Super rich creams can seem like a hassle when they are being sweated off in the sun, or melted on your pillow at night. How do you find the right balance? Here are our best tips for your summer ritual - from morning to night.



The Morning Ritual

Even though the sunscreen usage, of course, goes up when the sun’s rays are beaming, less is more are the key words in terms of your morning ritual. 

Sunny days and higher humidity means that the skin, unlike during winter, is better at retaining moisture itself. Check in with your skin - maybe now it is time to consider a lighter routine and skip an extra layer in the summer vs. the rest of the year. Go for lighter textures, multi-use products (an easy way to skip a layer) and super hydrators.

- Start by cleansing your face with a lighter cleanser which doesn’t contain oils that are too heavy. STAR 3-in-1 micellar water is a face cleanser that gently, yet effectively, removes dirt, grease and make-up.

- Exfoliate the skin with the RENEW facial dry brush. Contrary to what many may think, you do not exfoliate away the golden summer glow. Instead, the dead skin cells are exfoliated away, so you can get the most radiant glow to last long into the summer!

- Then use a face mist. Our mists can be used as a skin toner and they are all packed with protective antioxidants. Tip: Refrigerate the facial mist and use it as a cooling moisture boost during the day.

- Apply a day cream with a light texture, for example our multi-product BB cream SPF30, or finish with a light day cream such as CASHMERE or SILK.

- If you don’t already have SPF in your day cream, of course finish off the routine with sun protection. Try applying it in 2 steps to make sure you cover your skin completely (an allmond sized portion for you face and a handful for body).

1. Apply the first layer 15-20 minutes before sun exposure (however, mineral sunscreens work immediately once applied)

2. Apply the second layer within the first hour of sun exposure. Apply generously during the day in direct sunlight and after contact with water.


The Evening Ritual 

Maybe you are experiencing more pimples, break-outs and oily skin in the summer? Many people think it's because of the sunscreen, but in reality it's because the combination of sunscreen and increased heat-related sweat production can make the skin more congested than usual. The Karmameju SUN range has mineral sun filters that do not clog pores. However, dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and sweat from the day can turn into excess sebum production and pimples if the skin is not cleaned thoroughly every day - and preferably extra after using sunscreen.

The solution? Wash off the day with double cleansing. 

Why double cleanse?

There are two types of dirt on the skin after a long day in the sun: The fat-soluble (makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum) and the water-soluble (dust, dead skin cells and sweat). Therefore, two types of cleaning products are needed to clean in-depth. If you only use, for example, an oil cleanser that dissolves the sunscreen and make-up, at worst you will only get this cleaned off.

- First start with the fat-soluble cleanser like an oil cleanser. MUSE cleansing is based on plant oils which gently nourish, restore and clean the skin. MUSE works in three phases; it starts as a rich, cleansing gel, transforms into a nourishing, light oil and ends as a hydrating milk on contact with water. Goodbye sunscreen!

- Apply the next cleanser: the water-soluble cleanser. For example, your STAR micellar water from the morning ritual or a foaming cleanser like NOW micellar foam, which cleans in-depth with surface-active micelles that effectively dissolve dirt.

- A few times a week, we recommend using a face mask. DREAM clay mask is a clay mask that balances sebum production while also soothing the skin after a full day in the sun.

- Finish with a light cream, our face creams, CASHMERE & SILK from the morning ritual can also be used for the evening ritual, or PRE- & AFTER SUN serum-lotion, which is a multi-product where you get serum and cream in one.

- If your skin is on the dry side, you can use the slightly heavier textures, for example a face oil, in the evening. If not - put it in the back of the beauty shelf and save it for fall. 


As within, so without. Nurture the skin from the inside with nourishing fruit and vegetables, water and SKINFOOD smoothies. Find your favorite recipe by diving into our recipes HERE.