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About us

Karmameju Bioactive Skincare improves your skin with sense-awakening skincare rituals and nature's most potent ingredients that actively work in synergy with the skin.

We have a holistic approach to beauty. We aim not only to create visible results for the skin, but also to create a positive shift in mindset, through self-care and awareness of the changing needs of your skin. As within, so without.

Using nature's vibrant aromas in our products is a big part of our DNA. With our fragrances, we want to inspire you to make aromatherapy an everyday part of your life.

Founded in Copenhagen in 1999 by green-hearted skincare visionary Mette Skjærbæk.

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Loungewear by Karmameju

Loungewear by Karmameju redefines everyday wellness. The collection is created for the Scandinavian lifestyle in timeless design - ideal for the changing seasons.

Our loungewear collection is named after mountains, as we aim to create a subtle invitation to a higher level of well-being. In our perception, mountains symbolize elevation on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level.

Enchanted by nature, we intend with Karmameju Loungewear to extend the time spent in nature and elevate the moments of tranquility and comfort at home.

Fleece is the ideal material in the cold: lightweight and insulating, dirt- and moisture-repelling. In several colors and sizes, for adults and children.

The collection consists of ankle-length robes, jumpsuits, extra-long blankets and socks.