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COZY fleece socks

Warm and soft fleece socks with suede soles. Use at home, under the covers in bed, in wellies and for warm comfort on the long flight. Read more

COZY socks are made from the softest fleece with functional suede soles and is Karmameju’s version of slippers for adults and teenagers. The fleece socks complete the comfort of Karmameju’s loungewear collection. Use the socks at home, under the covers in bed, in wellies and for warm comfort on the long flight.

Use the COZY sock with the logo on the back on the same foot each time for example on the right. If you do this the socks will shape and fit your feet perfectly over time.

COZY socks come in a fine gift box with handle.

Elegant, sensuous and super comfortable. The Karmameju Loungewear collection includes robes, pantsuits, socks and blankets in colours and styles that match the entire family.

All woven from light, soft and super fine fleece that gives you effortless luxury and extra comfort and warmth. At home, on the road – anywhere. The collection is perfect for travelling and for chucking into your weekend bag.


Small / size 36-37. 

Medium / size 38-39. 

Large / size 40-41.


Dark grey. 


Fleece / 100% polyester / Sole is made of suede.

  • Machine washing is not recommended due to the suede sole on COZY.
  • Spot-clean or dry cleaning is recommended.

If we all improve the way we care for our clothing we can impact the environment in a noticeable and very positive way. The garment industry is responsible for quite a serious amount of pollution, but a surprisingly large part of the responsibility rests with us as consumers. A staggering high percentage of the pollution created during the life cycle of a piece of clothing (production to destruction), happens in our homes AFTER we have bought the garment.


/ Wash less. Outer garments very seldom need washing. Instead reintroduce airing and spot-cleaning, two time-honoured and ecologically sustainable ways to have clean, fresh and long-lasting clothes. Air garments outdoors or in an open window. 

/ Lower the water temperature. The cooler the water, the better it is for the environment and the life-span of your clothes. Wash at 30° whenever possible. 

/ Tumble dry less. Only tumble dry items that really need it. 

/ Dry-clean as little as possible. Very aggressive chemicals are used. Spot-clean and air your clothing. Brush suits and coats. 

/ Use environmentally friendly washing powder. For the health of your skin and for the purity of our planet. 

/ Protect your clothes when eating and drinking. Spilling at the dinner table is the most common cause for soiled clothing. Use napkins and remind your children to protect their clothes during meals.   

Visit www.Clevercare.info for more information.

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