Good morning sunshine ritual

A recipe to welcome the new sunny season - or to bring the sun on cloudy days.

- Roll gently out of bed, open a window and breathe in the crispy spring air.

- Mindfully reach for the sun by stretching your body. Maybe do a Sun Salutation yoga pose to welcome the new day.

- Bring a glass of boiled water with a squeeze of fresh lemon to the bathroom. Drinking warm lemon water as the first thing after sleep is said to help get the digestive system moving.

- Dry brush the body with BUFF or RECHARGE body brush. Start under the soles of your feet and work your way up towards the heart. Use dynamic yet gentle strokes to get the entire body buzzing with energy.

- Dry brush the skin on your décolletage, neck and face with RENEW face brush. Brushing the skin on your face on a daily basis has the effect of a natural mini-face lift.

- Stand for a second with closed eyes, and feel how the body is buzzing. Breathe. Visualise how you would like your day to be. Lift up and down on the soles of your feet, still with your eyes closed, visualising your intention for the day.  

- In the shower, rinse off the dead skin cells released when brushing. Wash the body with invigorating BLAST body wash. Inhale the refreshing citrusy aromatherapy from the palms of your hands with three deep breaths before soaping yourself in.

- Cleanse your face with your regular face cleanser, and finalize your brushing ritual with ACTIVATE scalp brush, stimulating and purifying your scalp as well, for the grand finale. 

- After your shower, apply PRE- & AFTER SUN serum-lotion to body and face to prepare the skin with extra protecting antioxidants and hydration before sun exposure. Use alone on the body or use it as a serum, like you would on your face, before you apply your usual skincare layers. As you apply the this hydrating summer drink to the skin, let the fragrance take you to a warm place under the Southern sun.

- Apply body lotion if your skin is dry, or apply Karmameju SUN SPF if you have a full body date with sunshine.

- Apply PRE- & AFTER SUN on your face, followed by SUN face cream or SUN BB cream. If your skin is very dry, you may want to add your face cream before your SPF-protection. Check in with your skin, to see the need for the given day. 

- Your lemon water should be lovely by now, don’t forget to drink it. Eat a spoon of oil from the kitchen, olive, hemp, flaxseed or similar, to nourish your skin from the inside too.

- Finish the ritual with a deep breath and a smile in the mirror. A smile boosts your body with natural stress-releasing oxytocin. It’s hard not to feel a sense of happiness in the heart when you smile. 

So, good morning, sunshine…