Award-winning aftersun for body and face. Our aftersun for body and face, PRE & AFTER SUN serum-lotion, is formulated to be used before and after a day in the sun, however, it can be used as a lotion all year round. The easily absorbed lotion gives the skin a hydration boost with soothing and restorative ingredients that enhances the skin's healing process.

The benefits of Karmameju's aftersun

Our PRE & AFTER SUN is a multifunctional product that is ideal for use before applying sunscreen. 

If the skin is pre-hydrated before applying sunscreen, the sunscreen will melt more easily onto the skin. PRE- & AFTER SUN boosts your sun protection with extra hydration and protective antioxidants. In addition, Karmameju's aftersun soothes and strengthens the skin's healing process after exposure to the sun's damaging UV rays.


- Suncare that’s skincare

- Nourishing and smoothing plant oils

- Skin-relief-complex

- Hydrating hyaluronic acid

- Organic and sustainably harvested ingredients

- Strengthening antioxidants

Do you want a fragrance-free option? Then try our INFINITY face & body serum-lotion with exactly the same skin-improving and soothing ingredients as in PRE & AFTER SUN - just without perfume.

PRE & AFTER SUN serum-lotion Karmameju Aftersun
Suncare that’s skincare

PRE & AFTER SUN serum-lotion

200 ml.
PRE & AFTER SUN serum-lotion - travel size PRE & AFTER SUN serum-lotion - travel size
Suncare that’s skincare

PRE & AFTER SUN serum-lotion - travel size

100 ml.

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