Karmameju's sense-awakening and effective body lotions are formulated with easily absorbed organic Aloe Vera, Oat Kernel and Almond Oil, clinically proven Hyaluronic Acid and organic Shea Butter to nourish, hydrate and soothe the skin.

The dynamic plant oils restore the skin's firmness and its ability to retain hydration.

Gentle herbs combined with repairing Wood and Citrus notes from essential oils enhance the natural healing processes of the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Each of our body lotions is suitable for all skin types - sensitive, dry, exposed and normal skin. We also offer a perfume-free and dermatologically tested alternative for sensitive skin, INFINITY body lotion for those who prefer perfume-free skincare.

Body lotions with sense-awakening aromatherapy

Try all variants and find your favorite among our hydrating body lotions. Each with its individual aromatherapeutic purpose, PEACE, DIVINE and WISH allow you to explore what scents can do for your mood and well-being. Use the set as a 'toolbox for the emotions' and choose which lotion you want to start or end your day with - should it be loving, calming or energizing? 

Which body lotion should I choose?

PEACE body lotion is a soothing body lotion and aftersun which effectively nourishes and hydrates dry and delicate skin, while gentle herbal, wood and citrus scents calm the senses. Soothing aromatherapy with calming, natural scents from the European herb garden. This mild and soothing body lotion is ideal for use on sensitive and delicate skin. The combination of light floral scents, mild herbs and cleansing citrus oils helps to ease the mind of anxiety and restlessness.

DIVINE body lotion is a revitalizing, deeply hydrating body lotion. The aromatherapy in DIVINE consists of oriental floral and woody notes that have a regenerating effect and leave the skin with a sensual and seductive scent. The essential oil blend of pure Rose, Magnolia, Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils stimulates positivity, strength, warmth and femininity.

WISH body lotion is an energising, deeply moisturising body lotion. The essential oils give WISH its unique, refreshing fragrance, which stimulates the mind and leaves the skin supple and moisturised. The aromatherapy in WISH is a blend of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Orange, Black Pepper, Juniper and Ginger essential oils, which promotes energy and focus, desire, courage and a sense of well-being.


INFINITY body lotion is perfume-free and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, which can be used by the whole family and for those who wish to use skincare without potential allergens from perfume. Multifunctional INFINITY is formulated with strengthening antioxidants, moisturising Hyaluronic acid, organic Aloe vera, and soothing Chamomile and Calendula extract to help calm the skin. INFINITY body lotion is clinically proven to have a soothing and antioxidant effect that calms and activates the skin's natural immune system.

How to use the body lotion?

- Apply daily to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

- Warm the product between your hands, take it to your nose and inhale the fragrance deeply.

- For best results, massage into warm, damp skin after bathing to improve absorption. 

- Combine with Karmameju body oils for extra hydration. 

- Beneficial as a hydrating lotion for your feet during sleep and with warm socks wrapped around them.


DIVINE body lotion DIVINE body lotion
LOVING aromatherapy

DIVINE body lotion

400 ml
PEACE body lotion PEACE body lotion
NURTURE / Therapeutic

PEACE body lotion

400 ml
WISH body lotion WISH body lotion
ENERGIZE / Therapeutic

WISH body lotion

250 ml
INFINITY face & body serum-lotion INFINITY face & body serum-lotion

INFINITY face & body serum-lotion

All skin types, ideal for sensitive skin

300 ml.

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