Always on the quest for optimised and natural skin health, I endeavored into a challenge with myself: I have to give face yoga a 30-day chance. I need to know if it works.   

I do not need a new “to do” in my day at all, however, in my ongoing research into well-kept skin, I cannot ignore that working out the face may be as essential as working out the body, to remain strong, healthy and tension free.

Face yoga, face gym, face activation, face tension release - for me, it all sums up to one thing: Using not only parts of our muscles in the face - but using them all, must be highly beneficial.

I feel ready to share it with you, as something I feel good about vouching for. In a collaboration with Niki Terlich, we have created the first 3 videos for you, combining face yoga and aromatherapy.

See the three videos here: 

Focus: The lower face

- Stimulate the face, jaw- and neckline
- Lifts and tones the lower face
- Tightens the neck

Focus: The upper face

- Calm your nervous system and the face
- Reduces fine lines in the forehead and frown lines
- Opens up the eye area and droopy eyelids
- Reduces fine lines around the eyes


Focus: The middle face

- Lifts up the face and mind
- Tones and tightens the middle face
- Adds volume to tired cheeks and naturally plump the lips


On my 30-day challenge I learned numerous things:

  • Face yoga can also be called face gym, as there is deep activation of muscles, combined with stretch and release.

  • Surprisingly to me, it feels incredible, and I have become quite addicted to the sensorial feeling, both during and after. The heat in my face, the activated muscles, the tension released eyes after a long day on screen – it’s such a good feeling.

  • Many of the muscles in my face were “sleepy”. There were numerous muscles I really had to train, connect with and “find”, before I could even get them to move. Working out the face is like working out the body, it takes time to learn how to do it correctly and respectfully.

  • Doing it whilst following a video works better for me than following a book. I love the little reminders during the training session, helping to correct the technique.
  • I now find myself doing the odd face yoga exercises sitting in the car, in front of the computer etc. Just like I may stretch my back after getting up from my chair, I now often release my facial tension without thinking about it consciously. In other words, it got under my skin.
  • I feel increased circulation and activity in my skin.
  • I love combining face yoga with aromatherapy: setting an intention for the practice. May it be LOVING, CALMING or ENERGIZING. You can use any fragrance that does your mind good, so let your nose direct you and lead the way.

Outcome: Can I see a difference?

The beauty with doing face yoga is this: How can it not work? In the same way that squats will do your butt good, face yoga will tone and strengthen your face and neck when done regularly. The only question that remains is: are you willing to invest the time in doing something really good for your skin?


All the best /



In the videos, we use our body oils, HOPE body oil (loving), MILD body oil (calming) and WILD body oil (energizing) to combine face yoga with stimulating and sensual aromatherapy. If you do not have any of the oils, find another fragrant product instead. We hope that it will be a dedicated DO YOU moment for you over time, and that you both see and feel the results.