Reduce climate impact - an important step to protect the environment
As many other people, I am concerned for our beautiful Mother Earth. We know that we use more resources than earth has available.


There are many ways to make a difference and we were very happy when we became familiar with Clevercare through Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2014. Clevercare has an important message that we would like to help share.Karmameju supports Clevercare.

If we all improve the way we care for our clothing we can impact the environment in a noticeable and very positive way.

The garment industry is responsible for quite a serious amount of pollution, but a surprisingly large part of the responsibility rests with us as consumers. A staggering high percentage of the pollution created during the life cycle of a piece of clothing (production to destruction) happens in our homes after we have bought the garment.

Clevercare recommends: 6 easy steps to protect the environment

- Wash less. Outer garments very seldom need washing. Instead reintroduce airing and spot-cleaning - two time-honoured and ecologically sustainable ways to have clean, fresh and long-lasting clothes. Air garments outdoors or in an open window.

- Lower the water temperature. The cooler the water, the better for the environment and the life-span of your clothes. Wash at 30° whenever possible.

- Tumble dry less. Only tumble dry items that really need it.

- Dry-clean as little as possible. Very aggressive chemicals are used. Spot-clean and air your clothing. Brush suits and coats.

- Use environmentally friendly washing powder. For the health of your skin and for the purity of our planet.

- Protect your clothes when eating and drinking. Spilling at the dinner table is the most common cause of soiled clothing. Use napkins and remind your children to protect their clothes during meals.

Very important: The longer you use a garment - the more sustainable. The Karmameju Loungewear collection will last for years if you take good care of the fabric.

We are always happy when customers tell us that they have had their bathrobe, pantsuit, blankets and COZY socks for many years. The most sustainable we can do as consumers is to use our clothes until they are worn down, to pass them on or to sell them if we no longer need them.

Please help spread the word.

All the best


The Karmameju Loungewear collection is easy to care for in an environmentally friendly way and in perfect accordance with the 6 Clevercare recommendations above. Please visit