Face cream is the most essential product in your daily skincare regime because it helps protect your skin from external factors such as dryness, bacteria and free radicals from pollution. Besides that, using face cream makes your skin more supple and has a wrinkle reducing, preventative effect.


A face cream is the most important product in your skincare regime, so choosing the right face cream is just as important as using it. If you are uncertain of which of the three Karmameju face creams is best for you, our cosmetologist has written this article to help you find the one that suits your skin type.

Which face cream should I choose?

All three Karmameju face creams contain loads of antioxidants that protect the skin and prevent premature aging. They are filled with clinically proven moisturising Hyaluronic acid as well as nourishing essential oils, high-performance plant extracts and plant oils that make your skin supple and smooth. Each of our three face creams suits the skin type that they were developed to care for, with ingredients that bring out the best results.


VELVET face cream 01 is the richest, most nourishing of our face creams. The ingredients in VELVET are regenerating and intended to support dry, mature skin, but VELVET is also fine for normal skin.

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CASHMERE face cream 02 has an airy and creamy texture with some richness. The calming ingredients in CASHMERE support the sensitive, delicate/blemished, stressed or reactive skin, and is also ideal for normal skin that needs lighter care e.g., in the Summer. 


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SILK face cream 03 has the lightest texture of the three creams. The skin absorbs it easily and it leaves a matte finish. This cream is ideal for normal/oily skin, the oily T-zone, oily/blemished skin, or normal skin that just needs very light care. Many men have coarse skin with visible pores that produce more sebum. They often appreciate SILK for its balancing and toning effect on the skin and because it is absorbed so quickly.

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Your skin can benefit from using our face creams every night. Karmameju’s three face creams have a dual function as your day cream and your night cream. One cream is enough. It protects your skin in when you are out and about and gives your skin the nutrients it needs so it can regenerate at while you are getting your beauty sleep. 


Combine your face cream with a serum, which is formulated with smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver the active ingredients directly. Use it under your face cream and/or face oil in order to boost the wants and needs in your skincare programme.


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Christina is a certified cosmetologist with fourteen years of experience in the skincare industry, both as a professional therapist, and for the past six years, as an expert communicator of holistic skincare and product development at Karmameju Skincare.