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HOT fragrance sachet

€14 1 pc.
HOT radiates wardrobe and storage space with a deep, floral scent that delights the senses while it helps provide protection against moths. Read more

Our seductive, floral HOT fragrance sachet delivers an exquisite floral aroma throughout storage and wardrobe space. Patchouli, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang blend beautifully with Cinnamon, Clove and Frankincense, creating a vibrant scent that will elate and delight the senses while it helps provide protection against moths.

Hang or place HOT sachet among your clothes in cupboards and drawers, bring it in your suitcase, in the car or on the boat. Hang it in the attic, the workspace or basement or use it to disperse a lovely aroma in the bathroom.

Karmameju’s HOT and WOOD wardrobe fragrances are made with the mineral Vermiculite - a perfect carrier that slowly and naturally releases the fragrance.

  • Remove cellophane and shake the sachet.
  • Note date for opening on the back of the sachet.
  • Hang or place sachets in cupboards and drawers, as well as other places where you wish for a renewed and improved scent.
  • Shake well to reactivate potency.
  • Replace sachet after approximately 4 months

CAUTION Keep out of reach of children & pets. Not for consumption.


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