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PUFF dry shampoo

€23 15 g.
A natural, perfume free dry shampoo - bad hair days ends here with this quick fix. Read more

Natural and perfume free

Degreases hair

Non-aerosol pump

Travel-friendly size

PUFF is a natural and perfume free dry shampoo, which effectively degreases hair with a few, simple puffs: An ideal quick fix to save you from a bad hair day, postpone a hair wash or to simply degrease hair during the day. 

Silky powder mix from Tapioca, Kaolin Clay, Corn Powder and Vitamin E lays the simple, yet effective foundation which lightly wraps around the hair strand to absorb excess grease from hair and hair scalp - without compromising the health of your hair and scalp.

PUFF’s pump is non-aerosol: A spray mechanism which evenly distributes the product with compressed air, and hereby, without affecting the environment as with aerosol. Even though PUFF is small in size, it has about 4.000 pumps from start. An ideal size for when traveling, on the go and in the bag. 

Ideal for every hair type and hair colour. 

PUFF is a part of Karmameju’s collection of natural hair care - discover the whole collection here.

/ Divide hair in sections and pump directly onto the area where the hair is oily. 

/ Let the hair absorb the powder and settle with fingertips or ACTIVATE scalp brush to get the desired result 

/ Natural dry shampoo without perfume

/ Helps to degrease hair

/ Non-aerosol pump with about 4.000 pump in each bottle

/ Easy to use on the go and when traveling

/ Quick fix for bad hair days or to postpone a hair wash

CORN POWDER, TAPIOCA & KAOLIN CLAY / Silky powder mix which effectively reduce and absorb grease and excess sebum without whitening hair. Lightly wraps around the hair strand, gives a soft texture and natural feel on the hair. 

VITAMIN E / Natural Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which helps to protect against oxygenation (makes your hair look dull and life-less) which makes it a natural type of preservation. The antioxidants also helps to reduce damage caused by UV radiation and pollution.

Corn starch modified, kaolin, tapioca starch, tocopherol (natural vitamin E).

Ingredient list may change or vary. Please always refer to ingredient list on product packaging.


EAN number: 5710334017609

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