In a time where we are overloaded with messages about what we ought to do, I believe in one thing only: DO YOU

Being some 7.8 billion people in the world, there must be some 7.8 billion ways to do what’s right. No one-size-fits-all, and my dream for you, is to find the perfect path, for you. To do you.

What your stomach, heart and mind desires, is your Northern Star.

DO YOU is about finding the inner guidance that fulfills you. What would YOU like to DO, right now? It may sound egotistical to think this way, as we may have been taught as children to “think of others before ourselves” – This is true and kind, but not before we have checked-in with ourselves. You should always come first. You are the most important person in your life, and we dream of you being at the front of the beautiful stage: YOUR life. 

Content with your choices.

In enjoyment of the now.

Calm in your thoughts.

Present in your actions.

DO YOU, as opposed to DOING OTHERS. Once you DO YOU, what you can offer others is so much greater. You will blossom and grow, the more you listen to yourself. This is truly a beautiful thing.

It may be the hardest challenge of all. To listen to our intuition, to turn the energy and focus inwards. However, it may also be where the greatest joy is to be found. 

In life, we practice. Some days we impress ourselves, other days we disappoint ourselves for not fulfilling the intentions we had set. And it is supposed to be that way. Every day I practice, and I will never reach the finishing line of my personal development, because life swirls and spins us around, naturally.

Maybe if we lived quietly, in solitude, in nature, we would be less influenced by our surroundings - but still, our hormonal balance, the position of the moon, and the seasons change us. We are change, and therefore, always in development.

I practice DO YOU. I am not a pillar of manifestation of DO YOU. I practice. As a mother, businesswoman, family person, devoted friend and girlfriend etc. I periodically find it hard to even feel what my desires actually are. So, I practice.

If you like, please join me in a day with DO YOU focus with my personal list of DO YOU rituals here.

When I prioritise me, a soft smile rests more naturally on my lips - and within. When I treat myself with respect and with the elements I need, I feel calmer and more present, happy and more content. Dazzling really, that what I need, is the simplest little things.

So, what may be your DO YOU needs? What makes you connect within? No one-size-fits-all, therefore we are all free to listen closely to what the heart knows we need. What are the little daily doings that make you feel enriched?

I hope when you go to bed tonight, you can whisper lovingly to yourself: today I DID ME. 

DO YOU is a dream I have for you, and for me.

All the best,