I practice DO YOU

I practice DO YOU. I am not a pillar of manifestation of DO YOU. I practice. As a mother, businesswoman, family person, devoted friend and girlfriend etc. I periodically find it hard to even feel what my desires actually are. So, I practice.

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If you like, please join me in a day with DO YOU focus for me below. A day could include many different activities, however most importantly I remember to DO ME in my thoughts. Below you find some of the things I do, that gets me closer to an inner connection and happiness. Life choices that make me calmer and more focused. Unstressed. More present.

Slow start

Starting my day slowly has become essential for me. I like to stretch in bed before I get up. No routine or program, just what feels good for my body. I do not turn on my phone any longer, I refuse. I want to stay in my world, not the big world. I sit for a while quietly, drinking my beloved coffee, as still as a rather hyper brain can be.

A warm drink

I love my morning coffee, I switched to a creamy oat milk a while back, as I kept having some inflammation on the lower sides of my cheeks and jawline. I am not vegan, however, removing cow milk from my diet eliminated the inflammation. I would actually love a cup of green tea or warm water with honey and lemon instead, but old habits die hard - maybe I should challenge myself a bit, and start the day alkaline, instead of acidic. Tomorrow I will listen inwards to my DO YOU and see where it takes me.

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Dry brush

Since I was 19 I have dry brushed to awaken my skin. It is the ritual I will never stop, for many reasons. On the body, I brush to remove dry skin, combat cellulite, and increase blood flow, whilst also stimulating my nervous system and the lymphatic system. I face brush to gently exfoliate, stimulate, release tension and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and to awaken my face after sleep.

It feels incredible, and I love it so. Taking 10 minutes for ME can be a challenge on school-run mornings, but I insist. I DO ME.

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Skin-Body-Mind food

Smoothies are my way to ensure a high nourishment meal to start the day, as it enables me to have brekkie with fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, raw foods, oils, etc. If it wasn’t for my smoothie, there is no chance I would consume so many nutrients at the start of the day. For me it

is the definition of body respect, and if I prep the freezer for this health-hack approx. every 14 days, then I do have time for it, before hitting the office in the early am.

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My body needs movement, and so does my mind. I am a busy-bee in my thoughts and with a hypermobile body that did intense gymnastics for many years when I was young, my joints are worn. If I don’t move my mood goes pessimistic and my body starts physically complaining. I like doing reformer at a studio a couple of times a week, and I have become quite fond of working out at home in front of a good movie or series. I use a yoga mat, some weights and my rubber bands.

Movement is also cleaning my home whilst being conscious about how I use my body as I go along, or a brisk walk with a dear friend.

Stay hydrated

Since age 18 I have been a water-endorser to everyone around me. I believe hydration, light and oxygen to be the key essentials for a positive, healthy me. Infuse it, sass it up, gellify it, or just go plain. Or consume your water by eating cucumber, melon or other high water-content foods. Water is the main composition of our body, if our hydration level is out of sync, we are out of sync.

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Air & light

We are all pretty, bioactive flowers – we need the air and the light. I leave my sunglasses at home and deliberately seek the light in the long dark Danish winters especially. A DO YOU aim for me is to start catching the light around lunch time every day. To go for a short walk, come rain - come shine.

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At the very core of how I feel, lies my breath. My greatest friend when periodically my world seems to tumble, and the greatest tool to be present in life’s greatest moments. I can do nothing in life if my breath is poor. I can master most, if just my breathing is deep and towards the stomach. It is mind-boggling to me how essential proper, deep breathing is, actually, come to think about it, I think DO ME starts right here.

Home spa

My bathroom is my home spa – my sanctuary, my place for rituals – my hiding place. Taking time for ME in the bathroom, has been a natural part of my life since I was a model, spending most evenings alone in hotel rooms. This is also the time where I check-in with my skin. I can so highly recommend making it a priority, to take time to nurture yourself. It is a soulful way to treat your body and mind with love, taking time to touch, feel, smell, release, improve and explore. To consciously prioritise YOU. We have created 4 DO YOU home spa rituals that we hope you would like to try out. Do you have 15 minutes? Then we have some self-love for you right here.

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A hug, a smile, laughter. Sharing tears, challenges and life stories. Taking time with the people most essential to me, is where my heart is most fulfilled. Especially if I, in advance, have remembered to check-in with ME.


Our ability to process information through our senses, is especially strong in our sense of smell. It is beautifully beneficial to stimulate all our senses: touch, movement, smell, taste, sight, hearing and balance. The sense of smell is especially important to me. I daily feel, how the help from fragrance, can change my mood to the better. I take in fragrance deliberately, I smell the raw ingredients when I am cooking, and I light my diffuser with precious essential oils. I ensure to take in the fragrances from my skincare – using the palms of my hands and deep breathing through the nose. I smell my children’s hair, my lover’s sweater, and I especially smell nature. I am forever and truly fascinated and in awe of the magic world of fragrance around me, and it is one of the things I do, where I can really FEEL ME, where time stops, and the present is in me.

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All the best,