10 minutes dry brushing ritual

A recipe to kick-start the day.

/ Sit for 3 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning. Slowly roll your neck, shoulders and stretch your body to increase blood flow and relieve tension. Drink a glass of water. Greet yourself good morning.

/ If you feel any soreness in the body, roll BLAZE power potion on the specific areas. Breathe slowly and deeply to awaken your senses with the stimulating fragrances of Sage, Rosemary and Camphor.

/ Whilst still in bed, reach for RENEW face brush on your bedside table, and brush your face awake with our easy 3 minutes brushing technique. The light, stimulating, dynamic strokes will wake up your skin and reduce puffiness. 

/ Go to your home spa, your bathroom. Meet your eyes in the mirror and say something kind to yourself. It is such a powerful message to your heart. 

/ Turn on your preferred music from ‘Karmameju Skincare’ on Spotify and light a candle to feel the bright vibe of a new day, even if you’re busy.

/ Brush the rest of the body with invigorating BUFF or RECHARGE body brush for approximately 3 minutes. If you are feeling in lack of time, simply brush the areas of your body that you feel will benefit the most.

/ Use the last minute to stimulate your scalp with ACTIVATE scalp brush, whilst lifting up and down on your soles of your feet. Stimulate the root of your body & the top of you body, simultaneously.

/ Just stand for a second and notice how the whole body is buzzing and vibrating after a kick-starting morning brushing routine.

/ You may want to extend the ritual with a refreshing cold shower and energizing BLAST body wash to help strengthen the immune system, feel invigorated, and boost your mood.

What you need*/

At your bedside table

    In the bathroom

      & the Spotify music app

        *All products are only a recommendation. Other similar products, or products more suited for your skin can be used instead.