Deodorants - natural odor control and plant-based skincare

Our natural deodorants are uncompromising, perfume-free roll-on deodorants that provide effective odor control without hindering the skin's vital cleansing function or disturbing the body's natural balance. Return to the natural balance in the armpit with plant-based skincare ingredients that care for the delicate skin under the arms - with the utmost respect for your body.

Perfume-free and mild deodorant

Our two deodorants SOFT and BREEZE are natural, vegan, non-whitening and perfume-free - only with natural plant fragrances derived from the ingredients. Without stimulating essential oils, our deodorants have soothing properties - even after shave and for sensitive armpits.

Choose between BREEZE and SOFT deodorant

Both SOFT and BREEZE deodorants are natural and perfume-free - only with a mild plant fragrance. SOFT is formulated with sweat-absorbing Rice Powder and a gentle aroma from Sage and Magnolia extract, while BREEZE is formulated with microbiome-protecting Zinc complex and a fresh aroma from Cucumber extract.

People have different body chemistry and different needs when it comes to choosing the right deodorant. The differences between body chemistry can vary in terms of sweat production, age, diet and exercise - all contributing factors in terms of the way we dispose of sweat. Like any other skincare product, you will have to try out different things in order to find your favourite. 

What is the difference between antiperspirant deodorant and natural deodorant?

An antiperspirant deodorant helps to reduce sweat production with aluminum salts, an active ingredient that is distributed on the surface of the skin with gel that blocks the sweat glands and hereby hinders sweat from perspiring. A natural deodorant helps you to eliminate odor, yet allows your armpits to perspire. 

Despite what you may have heard, natural deodorants can be as least as effective to eliminate bad odors as conventional deodorants. The key benefit of a natural deodorant is that it does not impede the vital purifying processes of the skin, nor disrupt the natural balance in the body. 

What do you need to be aware of when switching from an antiperspirant to an aluminum-free deodorant? 

Opting for an aluminum-free deodorant can be quite a transition. Allow your body about two weeks to adjust from using antiperspirant deodorant. As the sweat glands are no longer blocked, your body may overcompensate intuitively by perspiring more in the beginning. Be patient. Your body will soon regain its natural balance and natural state for how much and how your body perspires if it isn’t affected by the antiperspirant effect. You can help your armpits back to natural by a weekly wash with a Konjac sponge or washcloth, by avoiding synthetic fibers in your clothes and by refreshing your armpits with water and a couple of deodorant rolls during the day, if needed.

SOFT deodorant SOFT deodorant

SOFT deodorant

All skin types, ideal for sensitive skin

50 ml
BREEZE deodorant BREEZE deodorant

BREEZE deodorant

All skin types, ideal for sensitive skin

50 ml.

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